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January 30, 2010

Tekkaman vs Tekkaman

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Nakajima Tekkaman Mini Size versus Eidai Grip Tekkaman.
Which Tekkaman is the better toy? I’m trying to find an answer today.
I know that any serious robot collector asked himself that question ;-)

Lets start with the Box.

The Nakajima Small Size version comes with a very beautiful box, same artwork style as
his bigger “standard” size brother. Ok, same artwork style as all Nakajima gokin boxes.
Nice combination of illustration-style on the front and foto elements on the other sides.

The Grip Tekkaman comes in the usual Grip “plastic-dome” box, with “instruction sheet art”
on the back and a nice colorful illustration inside.

Two different styles of packaging.

I really like the Grip “you-see-what-you-get” style, but the Nakajima box is a bit more “practical”
and the artwork is very nice…with “practical” I refer to the very small size of the box. Thats an
advantage when your display is cramped with robots ;-)
So I would say 1:0 for Nakajima.

Quality & Details

Both Tekkamans  are made nearly enirely out of metal. Only the heads and
the forearms of the Grip version are plastic. The build quality of them is
very good. Also they are both very movable, with all the joints they have.

Detailing is very nice too.

So, in this category there is no real winner. 1 point for both.
Nakajima still in front with 2:1.

Now Accessories & Action Features

The Nakajima Tekkaman comes with a yellow whip and a stylish golden stand.
Grip’s Tekkaman only with his silver spear and 2 plastic fists/forearms.

The stand is a nice feature for displaying Tekkaman…but the fists of the Grip
are worth one point! You could shoot them.

2:2, we have a tie.
Sounds like a happy end? Yes, why not.

So the question which one is the better toy is answered. If you like Tekkaman,
you have to buy them both. If you have another opinion, let me hear it  in the BBS.

January 27, 2010


Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Josh Fraser,Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 9:01 pm


Actually this was an auction for a lighter, where the buyer wanted to know the scale as compared to five deadstock GA -51s

January 25, 2010

Dim Sum-mit

Filed under: Declarations,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 2:26 pm

This past Sunday, Alen wanted to get together with a few locals to hand off and unveil the ever so sexy Nekosaur Sofubi.
Of course we were all excited to get ours and also have an opportunity to catch up and eat some killer dim sum in the interim.

Alen( “Godfather”) , Warren( “Uncle”) , Josh B, Melanie, Mason, Jessie, Dave, Sanjeev, Regan and I all met at 11 am in Woburn at China Pearl, for what proved to be some killer nerd talk and devastating DX pork buns.

Warren and Dave confer while the Nekosaurs keep watch.

It was a great setting to exchange toys, have show and tell, and discuss future plans for world domination through toys.

Alen and Sanjeev discuss how to steal Warren’s Ultra “Father” when “Uncle” is not looking.

Warren of course, brought rare and wonderful toys to share, among which was a beautiful clear Ultraman Father vinyl, as well as Red Baron clear vinyl on card and an AMAZING Calculator Robot with actual Doll/Teddy bear eyes. This of course gave everyone great ideas for future Neko offerings and made great table displays for our ever increasing plates of Dim sum. Although I threw out a few ideas/concepts that raised eyebrows and certainly made a few people not so subtly inch their chairs away.

Apparently no one wants a clear sofubi with sea monkeys in it. ;-/


“No”…”I am your Father”.

One major topic of discussion was the “Orange Variant” Bazolar. A topic brought up a few weeks back which certainly intrigued more than a few collectors. It was after a little time that the general consensus was that it was simply a factor of age, sunlight, paint or post modification, and not an official mutant of years gone by. Somewhat disappointing for a Gaiking completist like myself, but cool looking none the less.

Josh tries to hypnotize me with the Bazolar

While Alen almost mistakes the toy for a Pork bun.

Warren then astounds us with the Teddy bear eyes sofubi.

And Regan lovingly approves.

It is times like this that remind me of how many solid folks there are in the community , and how the toys now are simply side distractions to the friendships that have cultivated over the decade or so together.

January 24, 2010

Grip: Condorman

Filed under: Co. GRIP,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 8:18 am

First time I got in contact with Condorman was 1981, the Disney movie.
Loved that movie as the kid, specially the black Porsche’s of the villians.
But that movie had nothing to do with the Condorman

…of the japanese tokuatsu series from 1975. Created by Kohan Kawauchi (aka Yasunori Kawauchi),
who also created the  first japanese superhero television show in 1958 , Moonlight Mask (Gekko Kamen).

Lets start with the little Grip Condorman!

Condorman comes in the typical Grip stype packaging. The one I bought
only came with a small Grip catalog. There are 2 more Condorman toys
made by Grip. The Mach Condor (Condorman’s cool Datsun) and the
Condorman Base.

He’s made out of diecast and his head is soft vinyl. The quality of this little
toy is great. Arms & legs are movable and he has many nice details.

That’s it for the little Condorman.
You still could get him for small money…go and get one!

More fotos in the BBS.

January 23, 2010

The Sounds of Old T-Rex

Filed under: Toy News — matt @ 8:57 pm


At a party thrown by mecha-maniac blogger Yaco last night, the T-Rex folks were kind enough to show us the intricately sculpted 1/60 Zentraedi figures that they will be selling at next month’s WonderFest. Designed to be in scale with Yamato’s similarly-scaled toys (and sculpted by the same guy who designed Yamato’s revised 1/60 YF-21, Ghost Booster, and Moto Slave toys), they are cast in resin (colored as-is, as seen in the photos above). They’ll be going for 5,000 yen a piece.

Good luck getting your hands on one: their one-day license limits them to selling just twenty units. “They’ll disappear during the ‘dealer dash,'” lamented Yaco as we drunkenly attempted to fit the prototype into a Matchbox Officer’s Battle Pod he had inexplicably lugged to Kabukicho for the occasion. Meanwhile, his incredible, totally customized vintage Gakken Legioss toy wowed us with an impromptu airshow over the table. Unfortunately, this one of a kind artpiece isn’t for sale.


Grendizer go…home.

Filed under: Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 12:15 pm

I felt I needed to add another post…there were 666 posts today in the Brog. I knew Erik’s collection was evil
Anyway on to 667.

Last time I posted about the cost of focus. Sometimes good toys go to better homes for the right reason, and I can’t think of a better place or home for it to go to.
But I would be foolish to say like those that went before him, this won’t hurt a little. ;-)

So like any end of a good relationship, I hope to keep some photos and remember it fondly.




January 22, 2010

Bullmark Pegassa Seijin

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Erik Sjoen,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 3:18 pm


A great standard sized Bullmark Kaiju originally from Ultra Seven. Measuring in at 9.75 inches. The spray on this one in particular is awesome. Love the metallic blue/green mixed with red. Beautiful. Enjoy.

January 20, 2010

Build Toys- Then and Now

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Declarations — Prometheum5 @ 11:35 am

I received my first Arklon toy in the mail last night, and have been completely enamored with it since then. I won’t bore you with the same diatribe you’ve all heard about how the mechanical rendition of a classic monster in a toy that is 85% die-cast is fantastic. Something that occurred to me almost immediately was just how similar the Glyos toy concept is to the classic Arklon. Both come completely apart, and both are awesome for it.

January 16, 2010

Bullmark: Zaboga MFV

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:53 pm

2010 starts good!
Here’s the first toy I got this year. Ok I bought a few more, but these are all still in Japan and wait to be
packed and send to me. As always…it’s a never-ending story, all the time new stuff pops up on Yahoo.
But this Bullmark Missile Firing Zaboga found his way to germany. I won him on ebay and he came
from australia. First time I got a robot from down under.
The ebay item description said: “Mint condition includes the 2 rockets which were originally taped on the
inner tray  and the catalog…

The description was mistaken. The condition is mint and he came with his 4 orginal rockets.
I love such mistakes ;-)

Box design is…well, you see it. Great!
I think I’ve been the first person who opened up the box. Found the “missing” 2 rockets
behind the little “pamphlet” inside the box. Yeah!

Zaboga has the same size as the Rockbat MFV’s, he’s about 9” (24cm) high.

You could store his rockets in 2 movable yellow holsters.
Remove his hands and Zaboga is ready to fire.

Here are some detail shots.

This is the little “pamphlet” that was inside the box. I add a few scans in the BBS section.

I wish that I bought him for this price ;-)

Hope you like it.
More pictures, scans etc in the BBS section.


January 14, 2010

Decapitated Robo G

Filed under: Toy News — matt @ 1:37 am


You know what Thursday is!? It’s ASTRO MU FIVE DAY!

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