[BROG] Grip: Condorman

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Eidai Grip Condorman

Sweet toy, Stephen. Great pics as always.

Interesting that they placed the toy in a laying pose in the box. Are there many Grips that have this packaging for a standing character?

This is a very interesting question Dylan!
I have no logic answer why some figures are packed in this
"laying" position. Maybe because these figures are very "basic"
without any accessories, but Rockbat for example comes with a gun etc.

Maybe it has something to do with the age of these Grips
Just a theory. Before 76' laying position, later ones "standing"
position. Don't know...

If someone has an answer for this Gip-packaging-Mystery...please tell us!


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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
You're getting quite the grip collection going Stephan. Nice.
yepp, with every new parcel from japan the grip collection is growing.

I really fall in love with these little guys,
They are a great addition to all the "standard size" figures.

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Nice Condorman toy. Your Grip collection is indeed, great. Thanks for the Brog/Pics.

You will certainly have to get these to complement the rest, but think they will be a little more expensive than the other grips ;)

The Daibaron set is really scarce I think, you don't see it too often.
To be honest it's the first time I see this set again, since
I missed an auction on ebay 1 year ago for the "head" part.

There are few Grips which are more scarce or sought after than the rest.
Pegas, Akumaizer Ship, Diapolon's ...
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