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January 23, 2010

The Sounds of Old T-Rex

Filed under: Toy News — matt @ 8:57 pm


At a party thrown by mecha-maniac blogger Yaco last night, the T-Rex folks were kind enough to show us the intricately sculpted 1/60 Zentraedi figures that they will be selling at next month’s WonderFest. Designed to be in scale with Yamato’s similarly-scaled toys (and sculpted by the same guy who designed Yamato’s revised 1/60 YF-21, Ghost Booster, and Moto Slave toys), they are cast in resin (colored as-is, as seen in the photos above). They’ll be going for 5,000 yen a piece.

Good luck getting your hands on one: their one-day license limits them to selling just twenty units. “They’ll disappear during the ‘dealer dash,'” lamented Yaco as we drunkenly attempted to fit the prototype into a Matchbox Officer’s Battle Pod he had inexplicably lugged to Kabukicho for the occasion. Meanwhile, his incredible, totally customized vintage Gakken Legioss toy wowed us with an impromptu airshow over the table. Unfortunately, this one of a kind artpiece isn’t for sale.


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