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February 9, 2013

Yonezawa Mirrorman vs Ikea Detolf

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Here’s my saturday DIY BROG.

My DIY story started on a cold dezember day last year.
Just in the second I won that Yonezawa giant size Mirrorman on Yahoo,
I knew that I had a problem. A big problem! Exactly 18″/48,7cm big.

How could I get this Mirrorman into my Detolf glas display?
The figure is 18″ and the maximum height of the display levels
is around 15″…maybe cutting of Mirrorman’s head. Ok, not really
an option!

I’m pretty sure the other bidders on Yahoo hat the same thoughts and
gave up early. Now I had to find a solution for the “problem” ;-)

I started a little resarch in the internet and found a few different
possibilities how to “modify” the good old Detolf. A few modifications
seemed to be too complicated, others didn’t look good, but one idea
was just perfect I thought.

The solution is: U-clamp terminal or wire rope clip

First I measured the diameter of the metal rod that holds the
glass shelfs and ordered 4 wire rope clips (size 4-5mm).

Theoretical these clips could hold the glass shelf alone. You just
lay the glass on the metal bolt/nuts. But this is not really safe and
you could easily destroy the glass. So it’s better to build some kind of
“substructure” for the glass shelf to make everything more solid & safe.

As “substructure” I used s aluminium bar that I had at home.

That’s how it looks at the end. I also put some foam material between
the aluminium bar and the glass shelf. So the glas won’t be scratched.

The “construction” is pretty solid and now you could choose the
postion of the glass shelfs yourself. Yeah! Enough room for Mirrorman.

I think it would look much better when I use aluminium bars that
are a bit more slim & filigree. But it’s ok for now.

Now the tall guys have enough headspace and all in all the
new “glas shelf adjusting system” doesn’t look that bad.

So, all Detolf owners out there, don’t be afraid buying giant sofubis!


January 26, 2013

Yonezawa: Skull Dome

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Yonezaea Goriking No.8 from Astekaizer (プロレスの星 #アステカイザー)

January 2, 2013

Yonezawa: No.10 – really mini Goriking

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Lets start 2013 with a mini Brog and a really mini Robot.
This is a Yonezawa Goriking No.10. This guy usually kicks
Astekaizer’s (プロレスの星 アステカイザー) ass, in the  pro-wrestling
tokusatsu series created by Go Nagai in 1976.

Here we go…

Box had seen better days, but I’m happy that I have the
little sucker. Next pic is a close-up of the back side.

Now Goriking himself. Solid zinc & plastic mix.

Here comes the usual feet fetish photo…Goriking is walking on decals.

Here’s the mini Goriking with his big brother (No.8).

That’s it for today. Now I have to find theNo.3 – really mini Astekaizer
and the No.7 – really mini Mach Beat“, never seen No.7 before.
I also need “No.13 – Mach Beat with Magic Motor”, also never seen
this on before. Pretty exotic stuff.
The hunt goes on, 2013 will be an interesting year ;-)


February 6, 2012

Astekaizer autograph

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“I need this!” was my first thought, when the auction popped up on Yahoo.
I didn’t had a clue what’s the story was about this “autograph” and I still
have no clue today. Never seen one before.

A few more people wanted to win the auction, but at the end I succeed ;-)
I had to wait a few weeks, till this great addition to my Astekaizer (or is it Aztecaser)
collection arrived in germany.

Backside with cool compilation of japanese tokusatsu-super-stars.
So there must be more autoraph cards out there?!

The “autograph”on the front side isn’t printed on the card.
It’s a “real” hand written autograph. But what does the autograph say and who signed it?
Maybe Miki Shimamura (島村美輝), wo played Shun Takahane/Aztecaser (鷹羽俊/アステカイザー),
has written it and this is the fictive autograph of Astekaizer. Just an theory.

Lots of questions. Maybe someone has an answer.




So guys. I need answers!
If you know something about these mysterious autograph cards. Please tell me.

—–> BBS


November 24, 2011

Yonezawa: No.11 – Astekaizer tin

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August 18, 2011


Photo by: Trevor Tang

My collection of Mach Barons. Most were given a custom makeover. It took much time and a steady hand to paint them but the effort was well worth it!


May 1, 2011

For The Last Time, I Don’t Collect Tins!!

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Oh…..wait…..Damnit Fraser……..

March 7, 2011

Unknown pleasures…

Filed under: Co. YONEZAWA,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Zenmai — Josh Fraser @ 1:03 pm

Though not nearly as epic as some of the posts that precede this one, I wanted to let you in on a humble discovery I made yesterday, which might “spark” your interest.

A short while back I won an auction for a Kamen Rider sparkler, with a box, that had thought was a variation of the current one I had, and written about here.

Excited, but cautious, as the price seemed higher than typical for a sparkler this size, I followed through and won the toy for more than what I would normally pay . I chocked it up to the box variation and called it a day.The box itself is beautiful and a wonderful rendition by Shotaro Ishinomori. I am a sucker for any Ishinomori- san illustration, so this seemed like a no brainer.

Fast forward three weeks. Box arrives from Tokyobuyers. Most of it is the girl’s, but I see packed in the corner an individually packed box, looking slightly larger then I expected.

To my utter happiness, yes the box is different but also twice the size! I put two and two together and realize unknown to my limited knowledge, much like other sparkers, the Yonezawa Kamen comes in two sizes, the ST and DX. The paint scheme is slightly different and the arms are movable. It sits perfectly between the mini and the larger flying sparkler, completing a trinity I had no idea existed.

Now there are going to be those of you reading this who knew of it’s existence and will look at my pedestrian rambling as quaint and uneducated. Fine with me. I am just psyched that I unknowingly got more than I bargained for, It rarely happens to me anymore, so I thought I would share.

February 12, 2011

悟空の大冒険 Gokū no Daibōken!

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A vintage Yonezawa Adventures of the Monkey King vinyl and tin windup. Circa 1967.

The character is that of 悟空 GokÅ«, the Monkey King, based on the legendary Sun Wukong. Created by Tezuka’s studio Mushi Productions, the anime aired on Fuji tv in 1967. Not usually something I would consider collecting, but for some reason really resonated with me as soon as I saw it. I sense my impending doom of additional “cute” windups in my future.

February 9, 2011

Proud papa 73′

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