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July 31, 2010

Postcards from the Golden Age of Robots & Heroes

Filed under: Toy News,Trevor Tang — TT28 @ 6:15 am


It took me awhile to collect these incredible illustrations which I think make great postcards. Enjoy!

July 30, 2010

特装機兵ドルバック: Takatoku Special Armored Battalion Dorvack Mugen Calibur vinyl

Filed under: Co. TAKATOKU,Erik Sjoen,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 4:17 pm


I give you the scale-less Variable Vehicle VV-54 AR Mugen Calibur soft vinyl figure from Takatoku toys. Created, and released in the midst of their swan song unfortunately..

A 6.5 inch horror show compliments of Mr. Robert Duban, author of the monumental and unparalleled ToyboxDX Datafiles, this sucker came to me in the mail about a year ago. Regrettably, it’s taken me this long to wax poetic about its absolute “suck”, but here we go!!

Don’t get me wrong. Those of us who reside in the umteenth circle of hell which is super/real robot sofubi collecting, things like this absolutely SHINE!!!!!! when they are associated with the word “suck”.. That being said, thanks Duban! Thanks for the “suck”! Ewwwwwww….

Enjoy the “suck” all you fans of new school diecast CMs Dorvack piece. Enjoy the 3 pitiful points of articulation this beautiful bastard of vintage Japanese toy collecting sports proudly! Behold him in all of his “suck” grace! And yes, as if you weren’t asking yourself, it does have a waist joint…

六神合体ゴッドマーズ: Popy Roshukin Gattai God Mars Camera!!

Filed under: Co. POPY,Declarations,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 3:40 pm


I mean, c’mon guys, what can you really say about this… OBSESSED!!!

So.. You peep into the viewfinder and see florescent versions of the 6 GOD robots! Amazing. That’s it.. Like I said, OBSESSED!! Next thing I know my wife will be asking me what the hell is up with my God Mars jammies. I mean, what the hell is wrong with that??? Guys??? Anyone? Huh…

July 27, 2010

7 year itch

Filed under: Co. ANGEL,Co. BULLMARK,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Zenmai — Josh Fraser @ 12:28 am

Another circle is complete.

Serendipity is not something you wait expectantly for. It is like trying to manufacture wabi, which will leave you only familiar with failure and disappointment.

Things happen as they will.

Today a package came. One that really was almost 7 years in the making. Perhaps much less so than the 15 years with the version 2 Kamen Rider Angel , but one that none the less was a long path of frustration and patience.

Angels Kamen Rider V1.

I sit with the box for a few minutes and clear my mind. I set up my laptop with an episode of Kamen Rider as a background and feel the burn of excitement well up. Better open the box before I cut myself on the knife with shaky hands.

Why the nervousness? Well like some of the others, we have a history together, maybe even some baggage.

First located in the pages of Toy Shop magazine in the early 2000s, it was , as with many of the rarer tins , long gone before you could call the seller.

A few years later, the same toy shows up in the pages of a 2006 Morphey auction. At the time, I was hyper focussed on winning the Ultraman Leo that was also in the same collection, and by now you all know how that went.

December of 2008, the exact same toy showed up yet again on Yahoo Japan, and I made an offer after the auction ended with no bids. The seller agreed to let it go for my offer and I happily sent the money to my buyer to secure it.

The seller had the same toy with another dealer who had listed it on Ebay at the same time for almost twice the price. As luck would have it, the auction ended without bids, but appeared to have been sold to another interested party.

It occurs to me this exact MIB specimen, appeared again and again, each time for the past 6 or so years, due to the fact that the damage on the box was instantly recognizable . It had passed hands many times over the years , yet managed to elude me at each turn.

So I waited again, realizing sometimes the toy comes to you when it is ready.

A little over a month ago, and out of the blue, a second showed itself, which was fresh to market and fell under the radar…I thought I must have had un-cashed in toy karma, or the universe was starting to feel bad for my pathetic attempts to obtain one. In addition to it being a second specimen, it was also mint in a much better box, and yet maintained the same superficial damage in the same area as the other box?!
This led me to believe my long term theory , that these were part of the same shipment of Angel/Bullmark tins might not be such an insane conclusion. Here we had two V1 versions with the nearly identical box damage, which also coincidently dovetailed with the V2 version tins, that again, shared similar condition details. There was and is a story here. One I do hope to finish… some day.

Until then I will have to satisfy my growing curiosity patiently with yet another “Angel”, that made its way home by leaving the cage door open.

July 23, 2010


Filed under: Co. INCUBOT,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 8:54 pm

B E H O L D ! ! !




INCUBOT @ SDCC 2010!! Part DOS

Filed under: Co. INCUBOT,Erik Sjoen,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 5:41 pm


More pics to come of our full on display!!

INCUBOT @ SDCC 2010!! Part UNO

Filed under: Co. INCUBOT,Erik Sjoen,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 5:11 pm


Just KICKIN’ it! You can find us at the Super 7 booth #4729!


More to come soon, so stay tuned!!

July 22, 2010

Dime Store Robos

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Mike Parisi,Toy News — Mike Parisi @ 6:28 pm

I loves me a good gimmick, even if it’s on a dime store robo.

Dime Store Robo 1

Dime Store Robo 2

July 21, 2010

カプセルロボG: Astro Mu Capsule Robo G Missile Firing Vinyl

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Daily Money Shots,Erik Sjoen,Warren Schwartz — erik sjoen @ 5:25 pm

The SUPER DUPER RARE red vinyl Capsule Robo G MFV compliments of Uncle Warren Schwartz. I forgot the back story of where/when he picked this up, but I just came across this pic and had to post it! The kind of thing many of us around here would kill for…

Discuss on the BBS HERE!


July 20, 2010

Popy / Ozen Tetsujin 28 Go Talker 鉄人28号

Filed under: Co. POPY,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 11:35 pm


18 inches of talking sofubi. LIke every other Ozen talk box, it’s NOT WORKING….. See the last pic in the brog. “Product of Popy Japan”. Yep…

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