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June 26, 2010

Saturday Night fever

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We know the name, the place, and the magic that happens when you walk up those oak stairs. The toy room is to the left, taking up the top floor, which was a former attic. It seems appropriate, like going into an old family members house, finding long forgotten treasures in sun lit space, filled with the fumes of vinyl and paper.

But today I am here to help photograph toys for Warren. Ones he will sell sooner or later. Even these immaculate rows of bags and boxes need a spring ( summer) cleaning.

Uncle W shows me a few old finds and a few newer ones. My eyes glaze over. There are so many rarities that like Alen I don’t feel the need to collect anymore.

After doning various robot masks, Warren directs my attention by showing me a few more Zaboga finds… among which is the ever elusive Missile firing vinyl mint in Box ( he has two), and a remarkably minty carded set that I have only heard of in conversations with collectors filled with sighs and hushed tones.

To lighten the mood Warren shows me his best Japanese boy imitation as shown on the back of the card.

Today was certainly surreal to say the least.


June 24, 2010

Jumbo Stormtrooper PINKY..

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One of the 7 “pinky” prototypes holding an S7 raffle prize Star Wars Stormtrooper collectible. Rebel scum…..

June 19, 2010

Popy: Spider-Man & Leoparodon Set

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Spiderman and a giant japanese robot, what a cool combination.
The dream came true in the late 70ties when Toei produced a TV series
based on Marvel’s popular character.

Popy made lots of cool toys related to this series. Chogokins, plasic toys, Dolls, sofubis etc.

One of these toys is this Spider-Man & Leoparodon Set.
I bought it in the early 90ties in germany from a guy with a giant
Spiderman collection. This guy, Peter Bergner, is a real “toy-collecting-legend”
here in germany. I remember that I made a custom Popy box, for a Spidey figure
for him…holy shit, long time ago.

Spidey & Leoparodon are  made complete out of plastic.
Cheap toys, but they look great in the nice designed blister box.

Here are a few more detail shots of the accessories and the box art.

More fotos as usual in the BBS.

The postcard that came with the set is real funky.
Spider-Man on the fotos looks a bit…hmmm…strange…
maaan, his  lower  legs…a bit short?

June 17, 2010

FLASHBACK!! “The Power Of Gekiganger / 12.03.01”

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Sadly, these and other “Rumbles” like it are not available in our archive anymore. This little love letter is just one of many I’ll hopefully be posting for us all to brush up on in the near future. ENJOY!

– Sjoen

The Power of Gecki
Erik Sjoen

I was consumed by a toy made for collectors by a collector. The Hobby Project Gekiganger complements of Kanzen Hentaro. Let me start off by saying that Josh Fraser RULES! This guy noticed my random BBS posts every month stating “I NEED A GEKIGANGER”, and he remembered them. Maybe, because he knows that feeling of desperation we all feel when one of the pieces of our collective puzzle is missing and we can’t find it.

Or, because he found it irritating as hell to keep reading that same damn post every month. Either way, the hand of Josh rewarded me with a gift of Gokin in my weary quest for Geki. A few days after my latest pleading post (expecting to find nothing), I checked the message thread to find…

“Hey, Erik, I bought a gold one, (Hobby Project diecast) and unfortunately, it has a broken leg. If you can fix him, he is yours free! He just needs a good home. Send me your mailing address, and I will send him to you. Best wishes, Josh”

Thinking “No way! This is too good to be true;” I responded by thanking him and offering to at least pay shipping or with an offer of other related shwag in retribution. He declined, saying none of that was needed and that it was his pleasure. The next email stated that he was going to perform surgery on Geki’s injury. “Holy Shit!” I said, “This guy is unbelievable.” It became a side project for him to heal ol’ Geki Gold’s leg for me. And did he ever. All the way down to the golden mold on the back of his “bad” leg. Josh went all the way and I can’t thank him enough.

In times like these it really feels good to be a part of something. For all the damn toys I have staring down on me from those heavenly shelves, they remain toys and I remain man. Collector and collected, keeper and kept. Josh’s Geki changed all that. That Geki represents a random act of kindness from a stranger who identifies with my “something”. Now we (they on their shelves and me in my chair) have evolved. Josh’s Geki made me stop and remember that a lot of my toys have stories behind them. Kick back and take a look at your shelves and think how you acquired each piece. For me, without this website or this community I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to amass my priceless (only because it’s not for sale) collection nor would I have been able to seek the knowledge I needed to acquire them. Along the way, I have got to meet some very cool people who have not only become Japanese toy scholars but good friends as well. Not many other collecting fields are as tight or as devoted. This latest installment has once again sold me. We are lucky as hell.

It’s people like Josh Fraser that makes this site as cool as it is. Geki RULES!

æ± ç”° 駿介, Shunsuke Ikeda – November 11, 1941 – June 11, 2010

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Shunsuke Ikeda


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A flash back moment of an epic battle between one geeky clothing designer and Nakajima Ultra Earth


“In one of the more surreal moments of my life… I am tasked with outfitting an Astro Mu 5 figure . In my entire fashion career, he was the most difficult creature I have ever had to dress, second only to an angry Siamese I stuffed into a Frankenstein costume.”


June 15, 2010

Bandai Standard Size Sofubi Kamen Rider STRONGER ( 仮面ライダーストロンガー ) 1975

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OK. So here is one of the BEST early “BANDAI” standard sized removable mask Bandai Kamen Rider sofubi. 10 inches tall and sporting child bearing hips, this piece is sick!

Yet more Jumbo Stormtrooper pics…

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June 14, 2010

C10 relationship woes

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You know you have become predictable when:

He: ” I have these Gaiking baby shoes so if we ever have kids”…
She: …”they can stare at them in the packaging”?


Mecha G

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