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June 26, 2010

Saturday Night fever

Filed under: Josh Fraser,Stoopid,Toy Love,Warren Schwartz — Josh Fraser @ 9:11 pm

We know the name, the place, and the magic that happens when you walk up those oak stairs. The toy room is to the left, taking up the top floor, which was a former attic. It seems appropriate, like going into an old family members house, finding long forgotten treasures in sun lit space, filled with the fumes of vinyl and paper.

But today I am here to help photograph toys for Warren. Ones he will sell sooner or later. Even these immaculate rows of bags and boxes need a spring ( summer) cleaning.

Uncle W shows me a few old finds and a few newer ones. My eyes glaze over. There are so many rarities that like Alen I don’t feel the need to collect anymore.

After doning various robot masks, Warren directs my attention by showing me a few more Zaboga finds… among which is the ever elusive Missile firing vinyl mint in Box ( he has two), and a remarkably minty carded set that I have only heard of in conversations with collectors filled with sighs and hushed tones.

To lighten the mood Warren shows me his best Japanese boy imitation as shown on the back of the card.

Today was certainly surreal to say the least.


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