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May 27, 2012

Mommy Lion with Cub

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Mattel Yellow Lion

Mattel and Toynami Voltron

May 16, 2012

Bullmark: BPW-01 Waffle Iron

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We had a little discussion about the pros and cons
using a Bullpet Godzillla as a waffle iron.

I found this here. Must be from the mid 70ties.




May 12, 2012

Bullmark: Bullpet Godzilla

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Bullmark Gojira (BP-17). All 4 color variants.
Not really a very hard to find toy, but an all-time classic.
One of these guys belongs in every collection I think.
Finest vintage japanese heavy metal with crazy gimmicks. I love this toy!

more fotos in the BBS


May 9, 2012


Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Declarations,Josh Fraser,Toy News,Zenmai — Josh Fraser @ 3:48 pm

This was a big check mark off the list. The Daidenjin zenmai was like the Vision Control Tetsujin 28 or Daitetsujin 17, one of the very last Popy tins made in the early 80s, and as a result had a lower production run. The desire for tin was over, and a golden era came to an end. Children had evolved to toys with real technology. The naivete of the medium, though charming to us now through the filter of time and sentimentality, failed to capture the minds of those moving inevitably to brands that brought transformation, interaction and modularity to the mix. A turn key simply was no longer all that was needed to open the door to their imagination.

But Popy tins certainly went out with a bang, as the colors and overall attention to the graphic design are in my humble opinion, one of the finest in the entire series.

May 6, 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

…, who is the fairest one of all?

Hard to say!

Mirrorman (ミラーマン) was the first non Ultra character from Tsuburaya Production.
The TV series runs from December 5, 1971 to November 26, 1972.

When I bought my first Bullmark Mirrorman sofubi and got it from japan
I was instantly bitten by the mirror bug. I have quiet a few now, but there
much more out there…collecting for the next years is assured ;-)

May 2, 2012

Takatoku: 3 horny guys and a girl

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Hmm…the title of this Brog is a bit lewd.
But nothing pornographic here, only a few vinyl figures from
the Akumaizer 3 series.

The 3 horny guys are Mezalord (メザロード) sofubis. Mezalord is the
leader of the Akuma Clan. Akuma Clan?
“The Akuma Clan are a race of magical cyborgs who live deep within the earth,
plot to invade the surface world.” (thanks wikipedia)
The green lady with the gigantic ears is Darunia from the Demon Clan.
She’s a friend of Zaitan and a “good gal”.

These guys are marked as Takatoku, but a few of them had been sold on
Bullmark branded carded sets. So again a collaboration between these two
companies, like they did with the Akumaizer MekaMachine, MFVs, etc.

I know that there is another Darunia sofubi version (shitI lost the auction),
but I’m not sure if there’s another variation of Mezalord.

But you never know…the japanese toy universe is (nearly) endless.



May 1, 2012

Bullmark: Akumaizer 3 MFVs

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Here’s my final groupshot of the gang.
I really love the crazy design of these guys combined with
the fantastic box-art.

Bullmark: Gabura Missile Firing Vinyl

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Today No.3 of the Akumaizer MFV trio: Gabura

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