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July 28, 2011

Cybot Robotchi – サイボットロボッチ

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Robotchi Family (mini vinyl set) – Poem – 1982

January 26, 2011

Bandai Missile Firing Vinyl Great Mazinger – グレートマジンガー

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Great Mazinger – Bandai / Popy – 1974

April 4, 2009

WANTED: Govarian Magne-Type Vinyl

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Well, it’s that time of year again.. The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the yen’s getting close to 100Y > $1USD and I’ve got the itch. So, off to the land of the rising sun for some toy shopping, toy shopping and drunken toy shopping (accompanied by pill popping if you ask Hillsy).

In the weeks prior to liftoff, I’m filled with hopes and dreams of what I might find in the slim pickings of what’s left of the Tokyo shops. This time around I’ll also be hitting up shops in Osaka, Kobe and several other stops that are off the beaten path in hopes that they might deliver.. If memory serves Roger scored all the Macross mini sofubi in one run in Osaka, so my fingers are crossed.

My over zealous list this year consists of some pretty out there stuff. For starters: Popy combining Golion “BIG” vinyl, mid sized Takemi Gingaizer vinyls, mid sized Takatoku Goshogun vinyl, any of the mid sized Bandai/Popy Robocon vinyls, Nomura “PlaDX” Baldios, Popy Chogokin Robot Jr boxed, Mach Baron Jumbo Machinder as well as a few random pieces that were on my list from last year but were unfortunately never found. Ironically, everything I just mentioned was on my list last year.. Doh!

Let me tell you, it’s god damned frustrating to be heading out with a list chock-full of stuff that you will most likely not be able to score to save your life, but there is ONE thing that is worse.. KNOWING the number one piece on your list is totally unattainable. What is it you ask?

Mange- type Psycho Armor Govarian (サイコアーマーゴーバリアン Psychoarmor Gobarian).

I imagine the odds of finding this piece in shops at this point are nil and none. If it did surface, I feel it would most likely go straight to YJA.

Totally depressing, crushing, debilitating and whatever other adjectives describe the hell that is wanting this fucking piece. It’s like “chasing the dragon”, and from what I hear about heroin addiction, it accurately describes the pain I feel needing and knowing this piece..

I’ve been looking for this masterpiece of sofubi goodness for close to 7 years now to no avail. It goes to show that this hobby takes serious patience, which sometimes I feel totally devoid of.. Anyway, the last MT Govarian I know of came up about 5 years ago but was apparently out of my reach at the time. In the thread/link posted below I mention $800, which I would drop in a heartbeat today if I could, but have no confirmation that the auctioned MT Govarian went for that. If anyone remembers and can confirm the auctions end price, I would greatly appreciate it.


Aside from the pics above, these pics from Masato Shono’s Go Nagai book circa 1998? are the only I’ve seen.

I feel like I can say with confidence that this is “the” rarest super robot / real robot vinyl out there. I will gladly donate a kidney to anyone that can deliver one of these loose or boxed.. Seriously. Hit me up. I beg you.

– Sjoen

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