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August 29, 2009

Popy: GA-49 Gonbesu

Filed under: Co. POPY,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:34 pm

Here is my Underdog-Bot-Foto-Lovestory. I choose Popy’s Gonbesu
from the Kyodain series, because he really is a special piece of metal.
You love or hate him. If you hate him you could use
him as a cannonball or play boule with him.
You dont know boule? Ask the french…

Thats Gonbesu, Skyzel & Granzel’s buddy. The robotic bowling ball.
I tell you, he’s real heavy. It took a few years till I bought this robot,
because there was  always something else on top of  my “buy list”.
Gonbesu is not very sexy, compared to his two sidekicks Skyzel & Granzel.
But if you hold him in your hand. Hmmm, he’s not that bad.
Why didn’t I buy him earlier…

One of his action features are his “spring-loaded-legs”.

If you open the cover on his front, you find to yellow
buttons. Push them and the “spring-mechanism” of
the legs will be released.

Gonbesu comes with 3 little metal tools.
He could hold them in his magnetic hands.

Welcome to the family Gonbesu!

Sorry for this long Brog for this mediocre robot.

cheers all.

…Gonbesu is searching his buddies. More in the BBS section:,201491

August 27, 2009

Narita hotel dinner kaiju

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August 25, 2009

Feliz cumpleaños a mí con OMOCHA!!

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Toy Love — erik sjoen @ 11:54 pm

The birthday haul.. AWESOME. Just wanted to give a public shout out to all my pals here for spoiling me rotten. I’m not bragging here guys, I’m just pointing out how much this community throws down. After all the great summit stories I thought I would throw another positive example into the mix. Our community ROCKS!! Here we are 10+ years into this, a 1000 in internets years, and we just get closer. Grab your tissues kids..

Thanks again to everyone for not only the good wares, but good wishes and thoughts as well. You all know who you are. Love.



Junior Machinder Box Art

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Toy Love — Nekrodave @ 4:07 pm

I am not delusional.

I know full well that there are maybe just a handful of people who like this stuff. And for those of us that do, information can be a bit scarce at times. And what we know is often limited, inaccurate or incomplete. I’ve tried to do my best to bring some of it to light over at CDX, but I feel I’ve only scratched the surface.

One thing I do know is that while the toys themselves may not be the greatest things out there, some of the box art is pretty neat. I’ve been buying these for years, but only recently decided to look at all the boxes together.


Eagle eyes will see parts of Great Mazinger, Combattler, Atoranger, Robo Kress, Daikengo and others mashed into nearly unrecognizable forms, while other images are much more obvious in their inspirations. Some of these (Gundam, Pegas) are even licensed toys. Two unique ones from the lot include the “Super Robot” as it’s the only one produced in Argentina and “Robot di Pace” which seems to take no inspiration from any other robot that I know.

August 24, 2009

Takemi: Apolon Legger Watering Pod

Filed under: Co. TAKEMI,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:48 pm

Here is the ultimate watering pod for you!
Now you could water your zen garden with style.

Another absolute must-have for every serious Diapolon collector.
The Apolon Legger watering pod.

Not only a “plastic toy”.
A highly sophisticated design piece with lots of features.
Like 2 movable arms, ergonomic handle on the back and a big hole.
Yeah, you could fill it with water…not much…well…ok…
enough for a small zen garden.

Here are some markings on this Legger.
Looks like Takemi, hope I’m right or I have to rename this BROG.
Didn’t know, till I got this toy, that Takemi made Diapolon stuff.

Here you could see how big this guy is…

Giant BROG for a small toy.
Just found another watering pod robot on Yahoo Japan.
A Diapolon, same style as the Legger.

I won it!….sure…cause I have a big zen garden  ;-)

If you have more infos etc…BBS section:,201122,201122#msg-201122

August 23, 2009

ジェットジャガー Jetto Jagā!

Filed under: Declarations,Josh Fraser,Stoopid,Toy Love — Josh Fraser @ 1:40 am


“Goro takes one last long, slow drag off the Lucky Strike ,which now just a stub of its former self. The ember swells hot , and is quickly extinguished in the ashtray. His creation now complete, he takes a swig of Kirin and contemplates a pointless Porpus watercraft for Roku-chan”.

This is the shit I make up in my sleep deprived mind as I put the finishing touches on the Billiken pre painted vinyl kit at Walker’s.
My hands are cooking , and the tell tale chemical burn from the heat gun is causing me to hallucinate slightly. Work has predictably caused another 48 hour run on fumes, and I am happy to oblige my state with a little trip to the studio of paint and air compressors to meet with friends and go on a journey of my own at the same time.

Shutting the gun off, The metal barrel cools and a click clack of metal contraction is my momentary soundtrack.

He stands there. That little grinning bastard on the table… reminding me of a time when I looked everywhere for a toy of him. I spent the late 70’s and early 80s hoping in vain.

I’m mimicking his expression apparently. Someone comments I look like a kid standing there.

I love this character.

Red Arone“, the brainchild of a group of children in a Toho contest in 1972, stands out among his brothers in terms of his ability to elicit a love him or hate him attitude. He is the end result of adult marketing prowess and the imagination/drawings of the kids who expanded upon the pre existing Tokusatsu archetype. It is this slight divergence from the status quo that makes me a fan.

Eventually renamed Jet Jaguar, he represents the first pure humanoid robot in Toho’s aging G franchise, and appears in what is arguably the one Godzilla movie we love to hate most.

Sure there is a kitchen sink element to his appearance from a pure design sense. Certainly he is a mutt of sorts. Some Ultraman purists will point out the obvious. But it is this disdain that makes me pull for him all the more.

He is a candy colored mess of contradiction. A synthesis of the jaded and the innocent minds of the time. Transparent? Yes. But perfect in his stupidity and funk factor.

How could that ever be a bad thing?

Soon I figure, it is not the lack of r.e.m or the fumes , but the effects of aging sentimentality that is the catalyst for this dumb smile.

punch ! Punch! PUNCH! drunk love.


August 22, 2009

Bullmark: Apolon Trang BP-25 bling

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 6:41 pm

I got a big parcel from japan.
Part of it is another Bullmark Trang for me. Ok, nobody needs more than one Trang.
Wrong. Its always god having 2 Trangs, 2 Headers & 2 Leggers.
Having 2 sets of Zinclon Diapolons is important!
One set for display and one set for self-defense. If you hit someone
with a BP-25, it could end very bad…

This BROG is a “typical-bling-brog”. Before-and-After polishing
a poor tarnished robot.


Trang is in good played condition, but his arms….argh.
The old problem.  I dont like these tarnished arms.
But the good thing is, you could easy disassemble them.
Only one screw and a spring inside, that holds the forearms in position.

After: (using silver/aluminium polish-paste as usual)

After a couple of hours polishing and a few beers Trang blings better than new.

So, don’t be afraid disassembling your Trang and make him shiny.

Reideen Toy Hammer

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August 19, 2009

Takara Henshin Cyborg Jaguar Set #1

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August 18, 2009

Transmission from Narita

Filed under: Declarations,Josh Fraser,Stoopid — Josh Fraser @ 2:56 pm

gaiking cell 3

So I am sitting in my small but clean Excel Hotel Tokyu room at 3:43 am. I am in a need of a shave, and the sleeping pills have worn themselves off.

I brought a Mini Bullmark Mecha Godzilla vinyl with me so, I can document his Tour of Duty in Nam‘. Picture the Travlocity knome as an archetypal mechanical kaiju and you get the gist.

Awaiting the hours until I wake up in Saigon and live out a very specific film geek dream to mark off the checklist. The unshavenness and underwear will be my only prop… well maybe a bottle of Jack would help as well as a photo of an ex spouse. But the room better have a ceiling fan or heads will roll.

Until then, check out the new cell I picked up. Gaiking looks overtly tired but ready to throw down all the same. Like Mifune’s demeanor after a duel. Sort of like how I am feeling tonight after the longest string of airline mishaps I have encountered in quite some time.
Only the Chu Hi and the Joy Division playing out of my laptop speakers is saving the last shreds of my dwindling humor.

Where is my mask open or electron chain when I need one?

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