[BROG] Takemi: Apolon Legger Watering Pod

Posted by chogoman 
Practical garden tools made in japan.


Here are some fotos from the Yahoo Auction of
the Diapolon watering pod I won a few days ago.

Sorry for bad quality of fotos...I'll make a BROG when he's in germany ;-)

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I really like how you listed a giant hole as a feature! :)

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert

I forgot another killer feature,
the special 4 little extra-holes in his head.

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Ha ha!! I've got a bunch of these as well. Totally crappy in a good way. Killer write up!
thx Erik....show us some of your watering-pot-bots
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