[BROG] Popy: GA-49 Gonbesu

Posted by chogoman 
You like bowling?
Then you probably like Gonbesu.


"Thank god, Gonbesu isn't here. Lets check out some
girls and drink a few beers Skyzel!"..."Yeah Granzel, sounds great"

"aaaaaaaaa...Gonbesu!! Lets get lost Gran"..."0K Sky"


"no way! run Sky"..."lets take the bikes Gran"


"adios Gonbesu..."

The End

Poor Gonbesu. He has no real friends ;-)

Here is a picture for feet fetishist.

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HA! Great humorous pictorial of an underrated set of bots, chogoman.

I love how you swapped the gokins for the rider-on-bike figures.

Those are in beautiful condition.

I have a skyzel, but no Gonbesu. I love seeing any gimmicks shown.

MattAlt (Admin)
Love the last shot -- I would love to see a gallery of nothing but Popy feet!
Roger Wrote:
> Hm.
> [www.collectiondx.com]
> 640-4/P5312945.jpg

Ha! I was just thinking the same thing!
Great pictures as always, chogoman! I love how you have it spinning into view to open the brog. Great idea!

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Raising the bar once again Stephan! I'm with Alt. Popy feet!!!
thx guys!
again....great fun shooting this brog.

I'm 2 weeks "off" now. Holidays!
Relaxing on a small greek island.
I hope I survive that...without my robots ;-)

After Gilligans Island it's "feet-time".
I have a few pictures in my head, for a feet-brog.
thats gonna be fun.

"I have a few pictures in my head, for a feet-brog"
that really sounds ill. time to go on holiday...
woops - double post

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Have a great holiday Stephan. Great Brog's, each and every one - Thanks!
Thanks Bill!
13 hours till my plane leaves...
Wait, weren't you just in the Greek a couple of months back - You lucky bastard!

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Yep, in may.
It's cool there.
The little island Samos (next
to Turkey) is really nice.
Good eat, friendly people, very relaxed.
GREAT photo essay! One of the best yet.
Great pics as usual.
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