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August 24, 2009

Takemi: Apolon Legger Watering Pod

Filed under: Co. TAKEMI,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:48 pm

Here is the ultimate watering pod for you!
Now you could water your zen garden with style.

Another absolute must-have for every serious Diapolon collector.
The Apolon Legger watering pod.

Not only a “plastic toy”.
A highly sophisticated design piece with lots of features.
Like 2 movable arms, ergonomic handle on the back and a big hole.
Yeah, you could fill it with water…not much…well…ok…
enough for a small zen garden.

Here are some markings on this Legger.
Looks like Takemi, hope I’m right or I have to rename this BROG.
Didn’t know, till I got this toy, that Takemi made Diapolon stuff.

Here you could see how big this guy is…

Giant BROG for a small toy.
Just found another watering pod robot on Yahoo Japan.
A Diapolon, same style as the Legger.

I won it!….sure…cause I have a big zen garden  ;-)

If you have more infos etc…BBS section:,201122,201122#msg-201122

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