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November 14, 2010

It’s that time again

It’s that time again.

Josh got word from his parents that two boxes showed up at their house, so we headed out to see what new goodies we got. Per usual, I am tearing open bubble wrap and making small squeaking noises while Josh meticulously unwraps every piece and inspects every corner of every box.



October 23, 2010

Comicon finds

Filed under: Declarations,Erik Sjoen,Josh Fraser,Regan Miller,Yokai — Josh Fraser @ 12:55 pm

Last weekend we went to Wizard Comicon in Boston at the Hynes convention center.

Though a small venue ( the Democratic convention with Obama as the guest speaker was next door and made for an interesting mix of people in the building between the two ongoing events) we did manage to find some stuff that was of interest. For twenty bucks we scored a box of cool vintage Yokai ,Super robot, and Ultraman books. Check it out…

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