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November 30, 2009

[Toy Love] Dougram!

Filed under: Co. TAKARA,Toy Love — Prometheum5 @ 5:09 pm

This is why I can’t get anything done at school… I got to pick up some goodies I bought from Roger that were waiting for me at home over Turkey-week, and I cannot leave them alone. I can longer think of any reason why I was skeptical of the Takara 1/72 scale Dougram toys and so content with the Revoltechs but, suffice to say, that attitude has changed. Almost completely Die-cast internal skeletons combined with model-like detail and fantastic articulation and proportions make for some of my new favorite robot toys. As you can see, they have claimed my Evolution textbook for themselves, and that gives me an excuse not to be studying.

And, this right here is just about the last thing you want to see in the cockpit of a giant robot: a giant robot fist with your name on it.

November 29, 2009

Bullmark: Meka Machine Rockbat Part2

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 2:13 pm

…and again a double-post. I’m not sorry for that ;-)
While shooting some fotos for my own “toy archiving”
I thought, why don’t make a little BROG. X-mas is coming
and this Bullmark  Rockbat Meka Machine could be an
excellent gift for your kids…nooooo…for yourself.
If you want to see this great toy in motion, presented by our
chairman Mr.Sjoen just klick here.

Lets start with Mr.Nice Guy Rockbat.

…or Mr.Bad Guy Rockbat. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…

Don’t have to say much about this Meka Machine Rockbat.
Great box design, lots of great action features, great toy!
Is there any Bullmark Meka Machine that isn’t great?

Now I show you some detail shots of Rockbat.
Push the buttons on his chest and his “hat” will be shoot into the air.

Rockbat has a lever on his back. You move his yellow wings with it.

He comes with rockets for his gun and he has wheels on his heels.
“wheels on his heels” sounds like a trucker song …argh…howdieee

Rockbat has lots of gimmicks. But he’s a real “transformer”.
Move his legs into position and another wheel pops out of his butt.
Ready to race!

Thats it.
I swear: No more Rockbat Meka Machine BROGS in the future!

More fotos etc in the BBS section.

November 25, 2009

Bullmark: X-Mas Wishlist

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Stoopid,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 3:10 pm

4 weeks countdown.
We have a nice tradition here in germany.
4 weeks before x-mas we make a wishlist for the Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus).
If you had been nice and helped a few old ladies over the street the last year,
all the wishes come true. Thats easy!
Here’s my wishlist. Nothing special, only a few plastic robots from the 70ties.
No problem for the Weihnachtsmann I hope ;-)

Any cash left after Morphy’s and you still have wishes for x-mas?
With wishes I don’t mean world freedom, health, saving the rainforest and such a shit.
I mean japanese robots!
Make a wishlist in the BBS section.

November 22, 2009

Takatoku: Zubat

Filed under: Co. TAKATOKU,Erik Sjoen,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 6:31 pm

Z like Zorro, Z like Z-Gokin and Z like Zubat.

Who the hell is Zubat? Well, didn’t know him till I had seen
the Takatoku gokin the first time. What I learned from the
all-knowing-www: Zubat is a 1977 live-action series produced by
Ishimori Shotaro. The plot: Hayakawa Ken, the hero, transforms
into Zubat and kicks ass in his red leather suit. Sounds sexy…the leather suit ;-)
Ok, lets go…here’s the Takatoku Zubat.

Bought mine on ebay a few weeks ago. He was in absolute mint condition till I tried to
fit him into his stand/base with his feet…crackknack…the feet holders of the
stand broke. C’est la vie…I could glue them, now they look like new again.
Here comes the box. Typicall late 70ties Takatoku stripes & foto design. I like it.

Zubat is stored away in solid styrofoam and comes with his stand, 2 yellow rocket launchers,
a few white rockets and normally with a small Takatoku catalog. The rocket launchers could
be attached on Zubats Base or he could hold them in his hands. Massive firepower!

The quality of Zubat is perfect. Solid diecast body, nice details.
Typical Takatoku. He could easy keep up with Popy chogokins.

Zubat has 2 daggers attached to his belt. Here are some dagger-action-pics.

Another action feature. Rotating Z‘s on his head!

Finally a size comparison with a Takatoku Zabitan and Popy Skyzel.

Thats it guys. If you don’t have one, get one!
Hope you like it. More fotos etc as usual in the BBS section.

…and  foot markings for Matt.

November 20, 2009

Soul Of Morphy: Sakura Oni

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Matt Alt — erik sjoen @ 7:10 pm

A prized possession. Thank you sifu. Thank you brothers.

Hulk. Skin turns green. Remembers nothing. Hulk smash. Much like Oni. Behold.

I’ll let Minister Alt take it from here:

“”Oni” means “demon” or “goblin” in Japanese, and they’re a staple in Japanese myths and legends. The Sakura Oni is actually a character toy, licensed from the long-running animated show “Manga Nihon Mukashi-banashi,” or “Animated Japanese Fairy Tales.” The piece is oversized and bulkier than the average “standard” diecast, and features a battery-powered flashing eye gimmick. There are two colors, red and green. The red version seems to be slightly less common. The box of the Oni is striking; the chunky, hand-drawn kanji characters on the box are an instant standout.”


November 18, 2009


Filed under: Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 1:44 am


After 10 years and three major attempts.

All can say is…hell yes.


Brog to come soon.

November 17, 2009

Post Morphy’s Omocha party!

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Hillsy,Josh Fraser,Matt Alt,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 11:26 pm


Hedorah’s and Marusan originals beating down on a Nekosaur vinyl. USB Neko’s abound… More to come soon.


November 16, 2009

Housecleaning 4: The Usual Suspects

Filed under: Matt's Housecleaning,Toy News — matt @ 7:19 pm

The toyz in the hood are always hard.


November 15, 2009

Housecleaning 3D: The Bugs

Filed under: Matt's Housecleaning,Toy News — matt @ 3:21 pm

Takatoku “Hobic” series Mekabuton and Tentoki. Here’s a group shot for size comparison: they’re double the size of the translucent plastic versions and absolutely dwarf the Z-Gokin diecast (which I won at Morphy’s!)

The boxes are totally stunning as well. The aesthetic is more “Hanna-Barbera” than “anime.”

Housecleaning 2: Electric Boogaloo

Filed under: Matt's Housecleaning,Toy News — matt @ 3:00 pm


Another closet find: an oldie but goodie but floppy. Compare to a standard Popy Chogokin here.

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