[BROG] Bullmark: Meka Machine Rockbat Part2

Posted by chogoman 
Rock it!


Markings on Rockbat's back.

The Meka Machine and the diecast version of Rockbat.

Some more action pics of Rockbat & Blazer.

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MattAlt (Admin)
Alen always bitches about half-assed transformations that consist of nothing more than "I lie down, therefore I am a vehicle!"

But rockbat actually manages to out-half-ass even Alen's pet peeve: "I sit down, therefore I am a vehicle!"
yeah, a sit-down-transform-into-vehicle is pretty special ;-)

nothing but luv for rockbat. great pictures as always chogoman.
thanks jim! your picture is pretty cool too.
the pose of your Rockbat reminds me of ...

Rockbat rocks!
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