[BROG] Takatoku: Zubat

Posted by chogoman 

Here is my little Takatoku Zubat foto review.


For our feet fetishists, a porn picture ;-)

More dagger action...


My Zubat cames with a extra plastic bag with 4 yellow rockets
and launchers. But they dont belong to him. Can anybody identify
these pieces?

Or do I have a pair of superscarce Zubat rocketlauncher prototypes?
If anyone want to buy them for 1k bucks. PM me.
cheers ;-)

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I totally love this piece. You've inspired me to go digging (once again...). Thanks man!
Hehe, no problem man.

Does nobody has a clue where this rocket-launchers come from?

The 1000000 $ question!!
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