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August 16, 2014


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You know it’s funny, after all the years of collecting this stuff the idea of a “favorite”, for me at least, is kind of a foriegn idea, somewhat fleeting. BUT, An old friend of mine recently called me out, saying “Sjoen, your favorite toys have been just about whatever fit the situation or changed by year or whatever, and was never consistent..”.

There are so many potential reactions to this. Yet, the only one that matters to me, you are witnessing here. There are no favorites! There are only, just like anything else in life, momentary enlightenments. We are never keen on anything in particular for very long. LOVE for example, in my personal opinion cannot be coined upon inanimate objects by sane people, thefore “favorites” to me at least don’t really exist when it comes to collecting due to the fact that I don’t associte my brand of collecting with “love” often.. Ha!

As time passes, and tastes change, so do the characters I adore. The fact that one would even have to answer such a mundane question after 20 years of collecting is beyond me..

December 27, 2012

Grendizer! UFOロボ グレンダイザー Part 1

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Popy Chogokin DX UFO Grendizer

Station Kiosk Bagged Popy Chogokin DX UFO Grendizer

Popy Chogokin DX Grendizer

Bandai Capsule Chogokin Grendizer & Popy Chogokin DX Spazer

Bandai Capsule & Popy Chogokin DX Grendizer

Bandai Capsule & Popy Chogokin DX UFO Robot Grendizer

Grendizer! Part 2

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Metal Boy GrendizerMetal Boy Grendizer

Popy Chogokin DX Grendizer & Metal Boy Grendizer

Banpresto Dynamic Character TV Anime Museum Part 4 Duke Fleed & Grendizer and Marmit Grendizer

December 11, 2012

Nakajima and Bullmark…..Together

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Some of you may remember this post of mine from way back when:,226880,226880#msg-226880 . Well I figured it was high time my capsule robo was able to stand tall, and the only beater sofubi I had was a Bullmark MFV Mecha Godzilla…. a couple mins with a hair dryer and this was the result….

November 25, 2012

Toy life

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August 2, 2012


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May 27, 2012

Mommy Lion with Cub

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Mattel Yellow Lion

Mattel and Toynami Voltron

May 9, 2012


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This was a big check mark off the list. The Daidenjin zenmai was like the Vision Control Tetsujin 28 or Daitetsujin 17, one of the very last Popy tins made in the early 80s, and as a result had a lower production run. The desire for tin was over, and a golden era came to an end. Children had evolved to toys with real technology. The naivete of the medium, though charming to us now through the filter of time and sentimentality, failed to capture the minds of those moving inevitably to brands that brought transformation, interaction and modularity to the mix. A turn key simply was no longer all that was needed to open the door to their imagination.

But Popy tins certainly went out with a bang, as the colors and overall attention to the graphic design are in my humble opinion, one of the finest in the entire series.

April 9, 2012

Tetsujin! 鉄人28号

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March 26, 2012

G I G A N T O R !

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Stay tuned to for more details…

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