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December 24, 2011

Santa Claus Workshop

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Santa Claus and his elves repair some
Takatoku Akumaizer Gullibirds ;-)

December 23, 2011

[Dougram] Feddies in the sand

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Merry Christmas!

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December 22, 2011

12 hours

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I have been on this plane for what seems like years. I had a sinus infection for the better part of my work trip, but this did nothing to throw my insane plan to stop in Tokyo during my extended 12 layover. I had a mission, and that was to find the girl a present from Mandarake.

With my call to Alt the night before and a few quickly scribbled notes on the location of the Mandarake Complex, I got on the 7:44 am NEX from Narita and got my camera ready to document the quick trip to the motherland.

I relied on my memories of the train system and managed to get to Akihabara a couple hours before the noon opening of this black monolith of Otaku. I spoke briefly and polished up my crippled Japanese skills with a couple flyer girls asking where the store was and found I was pretty close by. A good friend of mine came along from work and we got some food nearby. I ate my mackeral with abandon dreaming of what the store would have waiting.

Needless to say, I was slightly dissapointed as most of the floors catered to the new skool and I silently regretted not going to Nakano to get my vintage fix. That said, I did manage to pick up a cheap Billiken tin that I needed and afterwards turned to my companion and said I wanted to get to Shibuya…it was near his hotel anyway, and I still have maybe an hour before I needed to be on the next NEX train to the airport. I was counting minutes literally.

Back on the Yamanote we go, and 30 minutes later, I am in my familiar zone, the place I used to hang and eat, watch overage women dressed as local school girls to keep their wealthy aging benefactors , and steer around the sketchy Eastern blockers who always made Hong Kong Rolex dealers seem tame and legit. I LOVED being back here even if it was for 20 minutes… literally.

Run down “seizure” strobe stairs into the depths of Mandarake, and make my way past the teenager cosplayers who greeted me.

Walking with purpose I notice the quality of vintage has been severely depleted by the raging internet and my hopes of finding anything seem dim at best for my nerd woman.

With 2 minutes left in my clock, I spy a worthy option, a Mint in bag Curricular machine st vinyl. His teddy bear stare prompts the yen in my pocket to loosen and I motion the tween store clerk out of his slumber to bring this gem to the even younger check out girl. Bagged, paid..score.

One minute to go, I say my goodbyes to my friend, promise we will hang out longer next time and get back to the train with moment to spare. I sit on the train and sigh with relief. Regan will be pleased and I make a mental notch on my hardcore belt.

Sometimes it is fun to be insane.

Added Bonus: Mandarake Dec 15th at 1:30 pm

December 15, 2011

Mazinger Z

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December 13, 2011

Ark: Baltan

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December 12, 2011

Mirrorman Butt Show

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December 11, 2011

Aoshin: Tekkaman Couch Motocross

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Lazy sunday on the couch. Time for some sand dune motocross action!


Aoshin Tekkaman Cycle. The plastic bike is battery operated, drives forward
and it even could do wheelies. High tech gimmick called “spin action” .



The Tekkaman Cycle comes in a nice colorful box.


Tekkaman rides back into the glass display.

I need my couch for myself. Lazy sunday continuous…






December 9, 2011

Mach Baron Masterpiece

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Toy Love,Toy News,Trevor Tang — TT28 @ 10:24 pm

Custom one-of-a-kind Mach Baron Machinder Qee by Spencer and Stephen Ong of Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica.Rotobox. (Photo by Spencer & Stephen Ong)

Six months ago, I came across some custom jumbo vinyl works by Spencer & Stephen Ong and I was really fascinated by them. The brothers did some beautiful one of a kind pieces like Mekanda Robo, Voltes V, Gaiking, and Daimos. Being a designer, I really appreciated the level of craftsmanship and detail that they put into each piece. Well, my friends here know I have a thing for Mach Baron and that got the gears in my head spinning. “I wonder if these guys can make me a custom Mach Baron?”, I thought.

So that’s how it all began. I got in touch with Spencer and said I would like to commission them to create a Mach Baron. “Sure, we can do a custom Mach Baron.”, said Spencer. After some emailing back and forth, we agreed on a timeline, price, etc. I sent him some photos of Mach Baron and requested certain Tamiya colors for the figure. And away they started with the work. Spencer was really quick in turning around some sketches. I gave him my feedback and had him tweak Mach’s eyes to my liking. It was a nice collaborative effort. Spencer would periodically send me photos of their progress. I learned a lot about how they went about sculpting a generic vinyl cast into a Mach Baron. It was all fascinating to me.

When I finally saw the finished piece, I was more than please…I was BLOWN AWAY! I got everything I asked for and more. These guys are truly dedicated to their craft. I have many wonderful Mach Barons in my collection but this one by the Ong brothers is definitely a MASTERPIECE that I will treasure.

If you would like a custom piece of your own in 6″, 8″, 16″, or 24″, I recommend you contact these two da Vinci brothers at or on Facebook at

December 8, 2011


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Warren and I took a tour of the Google campus yesterday. Apparently they are into designer vinyl..

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