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May 30, 2009


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drug of choice

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gaiking cup

May 29, 2009

Vintage Vinyl Cometh!

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My YHJ collected haul arrived today, and with it my first vintage vinyls. There’s more stuff to open, but I’m pacing myself, so I only took out a few things for now. I am just totally enamored with the rough and utilitarian nature of these Sofus… the sprays and paint aren’t always perfect, but the sculpts are filled with fun and appreciation for both the characters and toy-design. I love how Gaiking’s backpack is clearly handpainted, and has brush-strokes and unevenness to it.


My Shelf so far… ignore the Mighty Mugg, it just doesn’t fit anywhere else right now. There’s more coming for vintage, and some modern retro stuff in the near future.


My Gaiking has two right arms apparently. What’s weird is the paint for the silver is extended around the whole arm on the left, but only goes around the front half on the right (and correct) arm. Daiku-Maryu is simply adorable.


Surrounded by other toys, Big-Scale Sasuraiger goes beserk and attacks the first thing he sees!

May 28, 2009

A little Spazer to call my own….

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I know others have posted these, but it’s funny that this has been in the Seattle Center this whole time and I just found it now. One of these days, I’ll treat you kids to a pic of my fat ass in one.

Hee…hee… OOW!

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The GX-45 Mazinger Z is already out in some Taipei toyshops even before Bandai’s official May 3oth release date. Although it’s nice to brag about being one of the first few to own this SOC, I know that feeling will be short-lived after everyone else gets theirs, especially since Bandai made sure to produce at least one for every SOC collector and their descendents’ progeny.

As you all know, collectors who buy the first production run get a pair of official Chogokin gloves and a wipe cloth.

Well, I’m sure many of you can’t wait to try these on – maybe even this guy.

May 27, 2009


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“Sun is shinin’ the weather is sweet. Make’s you want to move…” No no no, wait, kill the Bob Marley.. Que the Akira Kushida!! That’s it! “Taiyou ga moshimo nakatta. Chikyuu wa tachimachi kooritsuku ..”. Perfect, now we’re talking. Ahh, Sun Vulcan Jumbo Machinder greatness. Behold its beauty!!

“Iiguru! Shakku! Banzea!” – “Eagle! Shark! Panther!”



I love the show, I love the toys and I REALLY love the fucking song. Man, you guys, that was my JAM!! No Lionel’s “Dancing On The Ceiling” for me (although it was a huge hit at the skating rink). I’ve been accused of singing this bastard of a song out loud in Japanese bars accompanied by young women while devastatingly embarrassing my friend Mattew Alt.

What’s up Alt? Jim thought it was hilarious, right? Right…

I’m a fan I guess. I’ve been singing that awesome song for 27 some odd years..


See… I even had the Sun Vulcan guys over to hang out on my very outdated TV-tray while I watched bootleged VHS tapes of daytime NHK programing (notice the “Eagle! Shark! Panther!” in reverse order).

Nowadays, I can karaoke “Baku-Ra No Sanvulcan” in the comfort of my own living room with my newly acquired SV Jumbo Machinder, who by the way is the only one I can get to kick it with me whilst I do so… Give us a cold bottle of shochu, a couple bottles of hoppy and it’s on!

“Follow The Sun, Catch The Sun. Taiyou sentai Sunvulcan!!!!!” Have a listen:

As an added bonus here I give you scans of my reading material circa September 1981. Notice my beloved Popy Sunvulcan Jumbo Machinder had more than one use.. As a tactical prop in the show, the SV Jumbo showed it’s stuff pictured here from the August 1981 episodes..








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this may be a bootleg but its still one of the best vintage devilman figures out there . bandai considered the character too scary so not too many toys were made . the show itself may have been a bit formula but there was no way this program was going to be on T.V over here . one episode had devilman torturing a she demon by whipping her on the nipple over and over again .

May 26, 2009

safety glasses recommended

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bandai MF mach baron . nothing against red baron but but i will take this robot anyday .


May 25, 2009

Carded Takatoku ST Daikyozin

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Super duper rare carded Takatoku diecast ST Daikyozin. Funny, the toy pictured on the background card is actually the DX Daikyozin.


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