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May 29, 2009

Vintage Vinyl Cometh!

Filed under: Toy News — Prometheum5 @ 4:05 pm

My YHJ collected haul arrived today, and with it my first vintage vinyls. There’s more stuff to open, but I’m pacing myself, so I only took out a few things for now. I am just totally enamored with the rough and utilitarian nature of these Sofus… the sprays and paint aren’t always perfect, but the sculpts are filled with fun and appreciation for both the characters and toy-design. I love how Gaiking’s backpack is clearly handpainted, and has brush-strokes and unevenness to it.


My Shelf so far… ignore the Mighty Mugg, it just doesn’t fit anywhere else right now. There’s more coming for vintage, and some modern retro stuff in the near future.


My Gaiking has two right arms apparently. What’s weird is the paint for the silver is extended around the whole arm on the left, but only goes around the front half on the right (and correct) arm. Daiku-Maryu is simply adorable.


Surrounded by other toys, Big-Scale Sasuraiger goes beserk and attacks the first thing he sees!

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