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August 25, 2009

Junior Machinder Box Art

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Toy Love — Nekrodave @ 4:07 pm

I am not delusional.

I know full well that there are maybe just a handful of people who like this stuff. And for those of us that do, information can be a bit scarce at times. And what we know is often limited, inaccurate or incomplete. I’ve tried to do my best to bring some of it to light over at CDX, but I feel I’ve only scratched the surface.

One thing I do know is that while the toys themselves may not be the greatest things out there, some of the box art is pretty neat. I’ve been buying these for years, but only recently decided to look at all the boxes together.


Eagle eyes will see parts of Great Mazinger, Combattler, Atoranger, Robo Kress, Daikengo and others mashed into nearly unrecognizable forms, while other images are much more obvious in their inspirations. Some of these (Gundam, Pegas) are even licensed toys. Two unique ones from the lot include the “Super Robot” as it’s the only one produced in Argentina and “Robot di Pace” which seems to take no inspiration from any other robot that I know.

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