[BROG] Astekaizer autograph

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Still need the vinyls...
...I need the really mini diecast.
Very nice.
My understanding is that these were given out (sold?) at live shows and appearances where you could get the hero to sign one for you. It looks like they made simple, stylized autographs so that they could be signed wearing the suit. Plus they give you the "key" on back so you can match up the sigs. I recently saw an auction for a gorgeous one of Jungle Emperor Leo signed by Osamu Tezuka that sold for over 50,000 Yen. I have a few UltraHeroes I could post if you would like to see more.
Thanks a lot for the infos Mark!

...and YES, please post your stuff!

I thought I had some older ones, but this is all I could dig up.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.
They look pretty cool!
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