[BROG] Bullmark: Zaboga MFV

Posted by chogoman 

9" Bullmark MFV Zaboga


Here are some scans of the little "pamphlet".

Scan of the box flip side.

Here you could see the size of this Bullmark Zaboga.

cheers all!

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By the way, in this shot, check out the lower left. One gun he's holding in his left hand, and the other is coming from WHERE exactly??

Oh Robert, you do focus on the silliest stuff...but yeah, that's hysterical. SO many vintage illustrations have something like that, like, they just couldn't help themselves when drawing! Whoops.

Stephan, you're photos are an economic stimulus on their own. TEH Market loves you!

It's interesting how close the color scheme is on this Bullmark box, and the Grip Jumbo diecast packaging.
I don think he is holding the gun. it is just the way the side pieces look turned in that direction. But it is funny how the poor perspective make it look like that. ;-)
Did they ever make a battery operated version of this guy? I see the windup on YHJ constantly. Is the show any good? I'm guessing like most cases, the toy is much better than the show.
What do you mean guys??

I don't understand..."poor perspective"..."and the other is coming from WHERE exactly" ?

Something went wrong while I scanned the paperwork...pixel failure, I
didn't to eliminate moiré etc. Here's a new foto of it.

Now everything's ok ;-)

@ repairtechjon
yepp, the color scheme is really close!


A transform-into-bike-version-meka-machine would be great.
Like the Jumbo Grip.

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