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January 25, 2010

Dim Sum-mit

Filed under: Declarations,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 2:26 pm

This past Sunday, Alen wanted to get together with a few locals to hand off and unveil the ever so sexy Nekosaur Sofubi.
Of course we were all excited to get ours and also have an opportunity to catch up and eat some killer dim sum in the interim.

Alen( “Godfather”) , Warren( “Uncle”) , Josh B, Melanie, Mason, Jessie, Dave, Sanjeev, Regan and I all met at 11 am in Woburn at China Pearl, for what proved to be some killer nerd talk and devastating DX pork buns.

Warren and Dave confer while the Nekosaurs keep watch.

It was a great setting to exchange toys, have show and tell, and discuss future plans for world domination through toys.

Alen and Sanjeev discuss how to steal Warren’s Ultra “Father” when “Uncle” is not looking.

Warren of course, brought rare and wonderful toys to share, among which was a beautiful clear Ultraman Father vinyl, as well as Red Baron clear vinyl on card and an AMAZING Calculator Robot with actual Doll/Teddy bear eyes. This of course gave everyone great ideas for future Neko offerings and made great table displays for our ever increasing plates of Dim sum. Although I threw out a few ideas/concepts that raised eyebrows and certainly made a few people not so subtly inch their chairs away.

Apparently no one wants a clear sofubi with sea monkeys in it. ;-/


“No”…”I am your Father”.

One major topic of discussion was the “Orange Variant” Bazolar. A topic brought up a few weeks back which certainly intrigued more than a few collectors. It was after a little time that the general consensus was that it was simply a factor of age, sunlight, paint or post modification, and not an official mutant of years gone by. Somewhat disappointing for a Gaiking completist like myself, but cool looking none the less.

Josh tries to hypnotize me with the Bazolar

While Alen almost mistakes the toy for a Pork bun.

Warren then astounds us with the Teddy bear eyes sofubi.

And Regan lovingly approves.

It is times like this that remind me of how many solid folks there are in the community , and how the toys now are simply side distractions to the friendships that have cultivated over the decade or so together.

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