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October 31, 2010

Yonezawa: Astekaizer

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A long weekend, a bunch of Astekaizers and ready is a Brog
about this funky japanese wrestler from the 70ties.
The TV show Pro Wrestling Star Astekaizer was premiered
in 1976 and was a mix of live action and animation, created by Go Nagai.
Yonezawa made a few Astekaizer toys. I focus on Astekaizer himself today.

Lets start with the big sofubi (No.14).

The size is ca. 8,3 inches (21cm). He only has a very simple action feature.
He could turn his arms around and you could remove his rubber-forearm-blades.
I’m not sure if you really could call this is an “action feature”  ;-)
These rubber parts are very loose attached…thats why most loose specimen are incomplete.

I really love the box of this guy. To be precise, I love all the Astekaizer boxes!
…and now you have the answer why this sucker is so expensive these days:
because of the diamond in his forehead!

Here are some detail shots of his rubber forearms and chest plate.

Lets continue with the “Standard” Diecast Astekaizer (No.1).
Again great box art and this time Astekaizer has some real action features.
There are two variations of the No.1 Astekaizer. The boxes look nearly the same,
but inside, one is packed in styrofoam and the other in foamed material.

They also have a different switches for the blade pop out mechanism on
their wrists/forearms and the illustration for this mechanism differ on
the back of the box.

Astekaizer has 3 action features. Removable chest plate (!), pop out chrome blades and
one of the best features ever: Missile firing feet!

Now its time for the mini Astekaizer (No.2). Also diecast with movable
blades in his forearms.

Here is the small sofubi Astekaizer. He comes in a plastic bag with cardboard header.

Thats it for today. More stuff as usual in the BBS.

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