[BROG] Yonezawa: Astekaizer

Posted by chogoman 

Some Astekaizer extra love.


Mini Astekaizer No.2

Plastic mask

Cover of the 7'' Single
That sofubi is DOPE.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Nominated for BEST BROG EVER!!!
also nominated for the longest to scroll through,
but I don't like thumbnail pics ;-)
sooooo damn cool!

Thanks for reminding me about these (I think)!

Nice to hear you like it cae...hope I didn't drive up prices ;-)

No.1 Diecast Astekaizer Detail Shot

No.14 Big sofubi "headshot"

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Yet another GREAT brog!

I never noticed the box / arm variations on the standard one either.

Now you need the oh-so-elusive "really mini" Astekaizer - I'll let you know when I see one come up!
Thanks Robert!
Well, not only the "really mini" Astekaizer is on
my "want list"
There also is the mini Goriking, Astekaizer Zenmai, the 3 different Trikes,...
aaaargh still a long way to go. ;-)

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josh fraser (Moderator)
MattAlt (Admin)
Thanks for posting these!! Now someone has to do a similar piece on the Star Mites! :)
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