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January 18, 2011

Omezaki Kichi: release the Daikumaryu !

Filed under: Co. POPY,Toy Love,Toy News,Virginio de Angelis — Virginio de Angelis @ 4:49 pm

When a toy is absolutely mint , in sealed box , the question is always the same ..
Shall i open it without losing a part of what i paid for it ?
The answer is not always the same.. a blister should remain close forever..
But a box … why not to open it and enjoy also if for few minutes, the toy inside you was looking for since a lot of time ?
When big scale Omezaki Kichi Build Base arrived to my house was factory sealed by the original tape..

Ok guys let’s come in with me for the very first time !


Look at the fantastic enemie’s picture you can shot by firing the missiles of the base.

The art of the bottom box is fantastic !

And here it is the fantastic Omezaki Kichi released after 35 years !

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