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January 16, 2011

Please ! Don’t call me Bootleg !!!

Filed under: Virginio de Angelis — Virginio de Angelis @ 11:09 am

It is an Italian brand : “Fabianplastica“. It released one of the rarest toy based on the famous Ufo Robot Grendizer (Goldrake in Italy) anime created by the master Go Nagai : The Space Drill (Trivella Atomica Spaziale). Actually only two complete and perfectly conserved specimen are known in the world . If you want the magnificent Jumbo Spazer it could be only matter of money .. but this one .. no way .. you will simply never find it !

Why it is so rare ? Just beacuse Fabianplastica factory closed while this toy was near to be carried out .. so only few copies of it were put on the market .

The box is rough and the package is poor .. but except the small version present in the Big Scale docking set (very rare) by Popy this is the only Grendizer space Drill avaliable as a vintage toy .

It was produced in 1979 .

Note that the copyright was present , so it can be considered as an original toy from the Grendizer series and not a Bootleg !

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