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November 21, 2010

Nakajima: Pegas “small” MFV

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 4:36 pm

This robot is such a nice guy. Nearly everybody likes him. But why?
Because he’s a bit fatty, has a very long nose and is blue?
Well maybe its a combination of everything. So what…I like him too.

This one here is the ca. 6,6” (17 cm) Missile Firing Sofubi from Nakajima.
I call him “small MFV” because there also is the big MFV-Talker.
Let’s start with the Box. Not so spectacular from the front, but specially
the back is very nice illustrated.
Mr.Fraser “rediscover” the good old animated Gif…so I MUST HAVE one here too ;-)

Sorry, the Gif is ca.500 kb big…but quality needs a frew kb’s.

Here the box “non-animated”.

Pegas comes with 3 missiles, a few cardboard targets and little vinyl “friend”.
Sorry I’m a cretin…is this little “friend” really friend.? What’s his name?
Please tell me the whole story in the BBS.

Here’s Mr.Pegas. Isn’t he cute…

Some close-up’s of his missile launchers.

BANG, BAAAANG…Gansta Pegas.

That’s it for today. More stuff as usual in the BBS.
Don’t forget to tell my how the name of his little alien friend is.

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