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September 22, 2010

Kaikodo: WE’VE MOVED!!

Filed under: Declarations,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 4:28 pm

Hey guys! Well, I know many of you will be packing your bags and putting on your money belts in search of those grail pieces soon. Well, going to do the Tokyo toy shopping trip is no joke. There are some sweet deals, and some sweet pieces to be had. So, you’ve gone through the city and spent days at Nakano Broadway and have some time to kill before taking that flight home..

Well, have I got a surprise for you! Read all about it HERE. That’s right. Kaikodo… Owned by our old friend and hardcore toy collector/creator Yutaka Ishida, who’s been our friend for many years.

Overall, his shop is beyond words, and is honestly something you have to see to believe. That’s why I’m filling you in, as I would hate to see someone go all that way and find that his “warehouse” of a shop has moved..

You can find all the necessary info and new pics posted HERE.

If you stop by, please make sure to come back here and leave a note on the BBS. I for one can’t wait until next year to see the new changes, AND as an added perk it’s right next to the train station! Even better. Have fun!

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