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April 20, 2009

Poly Profit: Jumbo Machinder Market Update

Filed under: Co. POPY,Declarations,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 6:12 am

My man “repairtechjon”, aka Jonathan Riddick, posted a link to this ridiculous auctions end in the cafe..

Godsigma for chump change. $$$


The price of shampoo bottles are going way the hell up and it seems the poor slobs perpetuating this sad phenomenon are idiots like you and I…

Just check out this “hottie”.. Are you into it??



Of course you answered yes.. But $3300USD beautiful??? C’mon..

This is just out of fucking control… The reality is that there were more than 5+ bidders with unique feedback driving the madness, which confirms that people are just that god damned nuts.


I can tell you with certainty, that there are no tier 2 or 3 Jumbo Machinders to be had at a retail level for reasonable prices in Japan. None that I can find at least. I’ll be checking Kobe and Nagoya in the next couple of days and update this post if I find any..

Nakano Broadway Mandarake in Tokyo has a Sun Vulcan (loose) and a Poseidon (boxed c8-)for $1K each and that’s pretty much the most variety you will find in the shops these days.. Every shop has “one”, but that one is either a Maz Z/great, Getter Dragon or Raydeen. Sucks ass..

This will absolutely be my last trip to Japan exclusively for toy shopping. I’m not saying I won’t go out of my way to check a toy store out here and there, but I won’t be going hardcore and be mission toy hunting anymore. There are far more worthwhile things to do here than burn the midnight oil over some lost idea of finding the diamond in the rough..

Everything worthy, with the exception of the elite Mandarake live auctions (ask Alt per Saito), goes directly to the internet these days. Every shop owner that isn’t hoarding their collection over here in Japan does exactly that. They throw it on YJA and let it ride.

Anyway, when I see a sorry one armed Dangaurd A jumbo going for $600 I know it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. So, if you’re going for it, I’ll be seeing you guys on the field. Better bring your JM “a” game…

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