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June 9, 2010

Power Charge Baratak

Filed under: Co. TAKARA,Declarations,Toy Love — BillT @ 10:48 pm

This is one of those toys I never expected to get. I mean, I’ve certainly lusted after it, but the few complete ones I’ve seen sell have gone over a grand. There are very few toys I will break the four figure barrier for, and this just wasn’t one of them.

This guy showed up on ebay for a reasonable starting price. I figured I would poke the seller to see if he would do off ebay and save myself the hassle (and likely dissapointment) of butting heads with collectors in a straight up auction (sorry for those who were after it). He was willing to play ball, but was straight up and said there were no stickers or catalog, it was missing a couple of missiles, and the arm wasn’t working. I hesitated on that last one, but figured I would try and fix it. It wasn’t an ideal specimen, but the pieces were complete and the price was right for me. I figured, shit, these don’t exactly show up every month, so I bit.

It was lighter than I expected, but I chalk that up to being used to diecast toys to this point. It comes with a couple of different arms and attachments, but if all you want is a drill and claw arm, save yourself some cash and get the standard M11 Baratak.

This guy is all about THE ARM

When it arrived, sure enough, it wasn’t working when attached to the shoulder. I quickly figured out the problem with a battery and a couple of wires – that small pin next to the ball joint needs to be touching the metal ring in the shoulder socket. It was loose and would not stick out. So out came the screw driver. Turns out a spring that keeps the pin pushed up for contact had come off inside the casing. It was an easier fix than I expected, but a note to self – take a picture of the thing your taking appart, idiot! It took me a while to get those damn gears back in the right place.

Once that was settled, in went the batteries for a trial run. I’m actually glad this wasn’t a deadstock. Not just for the price premium I saved, but with the missiles already off the sprue’s, I could enjoy this guy to the fullest with no guilt/worry about value etc.

I was just going to show a shot of a missile coming out, but that wouldn’t do it justice…

…so I took some video of it in action. 2 missiles don’t fire and, well, I cant have that now. But that’s a fix for another day.

The cutter spins REALLY fast. If you attach a metal one you have a dremel, but that wouldn’t be too smart as you’ll see at the end

I tried both the gatling gun and cutter at the same time, but the weight and vibration just drags the arm down and it loses it’s electrical connection. But I certainly display it with both.

If you can stomach the price, or be lucky enough to spot a deal, I would certainly recommend it. It really is a fun toy. Now I just gotta get those last 2 missiles firing.

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