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January 12, 2009

Punch Out! Dougram to save independence of the Deloyer

Filed under: Toy News — erik sjoen @ 7:20 pm

BIG UP to Mark Gradwell aka machinesoldier for uploading this!

It’s been sitting on a shelf waiting for a rainy day. With 2012 closely approaching, Nibiru on the horizon and global warming causing precipitation to fall every other day, I could take an exacto and some elmers to it any time now. In anticipation of this, and since I haven’t been able to find another one, so I decided to digitize the pages so everyone can get some paper robot action. You can download them here:


They don’t look all that great when completed. This is obvious from the image above. But they do seem to to be simple and fun, as opposed to some papercraft stuff that I have tried in the past that took a day and half a pound of glue (and a slew of papercuts) just to make one small peice.

I would recommend printing these on heavy paper, on a laser printer if you have one. Inkjet is passable but you will use a lot of ink and the paper might get saturated and warped. This could seriously hurt the otherwise impeccable anime accuracy of the completed peices. All the images are the exact same size so even if they don’t print at 100% resolution, everything should still match up. The original pages are perforated at the cut and fold lines and are designed to be punched out, so when you cut the peices out, cut along the perf lines and not where the image starts. I haven’t tried them myself yet so caveat emptor, but its free… So, have at it! And always wear safety goggles

Download. Print. Cut. And ASSEMBLE TROOPERS!

P.S. If you build em, post pics! Savvy young photoshoppers could even recolor the Soltic into a Korchima Special, the dougram to a JAKT.. you could even add platforms to the crabgunner and voila… TEQUILA! It’s PAPER, people! the possibilities are endless…

– machinesoldier

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