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February 27, 2007

02.24.07: High, Incomplete

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I love kanji on cardboard. So I was close to completion till Harkavy reminded me of the need to secure the latest High Complete Models. Fresh from Japan thanks to Hobby Link Japan, it’s Bandai’s newest entries into the classic line. HCM 26 and 27 come shrinkwrapped together like a box set. There’s something Fraser-esque about the look and feel of it. I’d never be able to open this if these were vintage toys.

The Gundam RX-178 Mark II Titans and HiZack RMS-106 EFF repaints go beautifully together. My sole complaint? The white boxes. Once you start accruing the dirty gray ones, these seem chintzy compared to the old-school recycled sleeves. I’ll let pics speak for themselves.

Mark II and RMS-106 Back to Back

RX-178 TrayObligatory HCM Card Shot

HCM BoxesRMS-106 Tray

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