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April 11, 2010

Grip Hurricane Polymar Base

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Toy Love — sketcher @ 8:48 pm

Grip Hurricane Polymar Base –

This one reminds me why I love the Grip toys so much. The gimmicks here are amazing for a toy of this size.

First off, we have the excellent bubble packaging. You can display these little guys in their box and still enjoy the toy within.

Pop those virgin staples to reveal the toy in the box. The detailing is really quite excellent. Check out the fuzzy grass/foilage effect they have applied to the mountain.

Set it on the table to see the base before opening to reveal the hidden structure.

The set comes with 3 tiny diecast metal vehicles and one hero to launch from the top. You can see the garage where the vehicles launch from the spring loaded launcher triggered from the back. Those things really come flying out of there. Watch the eyes!

The top cone comes off to allow the hero to be launched via another spring mechanism. Very cool!

Here is a quick look at the catalog. I’ll try to get this scanned in later so you can check out the whole thing.

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