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April 11, 2010

Getter 2 MFV

Filed under: Co. BANDAI,Toy Love — Prometheum5 @ 4:42 pm

The MFVs are, unfortunately, the vinyl robots for me. The Bandai MFVs are the right size to match up against (and really, dominate) the plethora of vinyl kaiju that’s out there, and the chunky sculpts just speak to me. Getter 2 is usually a slender and spindly robot, but this rendition has a little more heft and speaks to a machine that can move, but still take and give a beating, courtesy of that fearsome drill!




This guy is also my first experience with good, proper vintage ‘smell’. The couple of Popy minis I have just don’t have much scent to them, but this guy has more than enough material to really keep a stink in him, and it’s great. Now all he needs are some missiles. Until then, he’s going to have to beat up monsters the old-fashioned way:


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