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August 2, 2005

Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 1:35 am

When a popular, English-language, Ultraman Information site was taken down in 2004, I was heartbroken – where would we ultra-afflicted gaijin now turn in search of a name for that twisted, improbable, yet somehow irresistible, Ultraman kaiju?

Well fret no further, my freaky friends – B.Media Books of Japan has just what you’re looking for:

The Ultraman Chronicles – The History of Light Soldier’s Battle, 1966-1975 (ISBN4-8124-0888-1)

Released in late 2002, I’m shocked it took me this long to discover it (and a hearty thanks to Chris M for bringing it to my attention).

216 pages jam-packed with striking full-color photos (except where inappropriate, of course) of every creature, hero, and vehicle that graced the shows -from Ultra Q to Ultraman Leo.

Presented chronologically, each series is fully represented, every episode synopsized; the final leaves containing an index notating when each episode first aired and another that pinpoints your favorite character’s location in the preceding pages.

There are special sections devoted to the popular female members of each team and sections at the end of each series highlighting a selection of toys, magazine covers, books, records, and comics spawned by the show.

Of course, the whole damned thing is in Japanese.

Except for the character names!

Flip through and see your favorite hero, your favorite Ultra-meka, your favorite kaiju (and tons you’ve likely never seen before), clearly represented by photo and labeled in English! It is a dream come true (oh, am I frothing? pardon me).

Did I mention there’s a volume 2 covering 1979 to 2003?


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