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March 16, 2010

Gekko Love

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I have a problem. I know it all too well. Luckily I have a supportive network made up of like minded souls, who know how to serve as a catalyst to my foolish brain.

I parted ways with a Gekko Kaman a little over a year ago. I regretted it, even though the condition of the toy and the box especially was not to my usual standard. Purchased at the 2006 Morphey auction, for what I thought at the time was a good deal, I sold it for the same price to finance a purchase, and to remove what was basically the only vintage batt op in my exclusively “walker” collection. Somehow it did not fit into the plan of holding out for the best conditioned toys and boxes I could locate.

When the “bug” gets you, it gets you, and there is not a lot you can do about it. There was a constant knawing feeling at the back of my mind anytime I looked at older photos of my toy case and saw The Gekko happily standing there next to his Osaka reissue brothers. I knew I had to bit the bullet and replace him.

This week I did just that to the detriment of my wallet once again. But it is a stress I don’t believe I will ever regret. The toy is mint and the box, although not “perfect” is good enough for me to not lose sleep over. It is an instance where love of the toy trumps whatever unresolved issues I have for sub par packaging.

Gekko will be home again … for good. ;-)


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