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March 10, 2010

Bullmark: Blazer Zenmai

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:33 pm

Being far away of having a focus in collecting japanese toys, my only “kind of focus”
is Rockbat & Blazer. Not a focus, more a obsession I would say.
I even bought some Bullmark Rockbat eraser-figures some weeks ago…please don’t tell my parents ;-)
There are lots of Rockbat toys I don’t have, but this is no problem. I’m always very excited when
I find something “new” on Yahoo, or see things like Uncle Warren’s Bullmark Rockbat Playset. Great!

The Bullmark Blazer Zenmai isn’t such a mysterious super scarce toy,  like the Single MFV Blazer
or the Playset. But he doesn’t pop up too often. I bought MY Blazer in 2 steps.

Step 1 was the Box.
Last year I bought the emty box. Some of you may remember the auctions of this seller on Yahoo around December.
Popy Jumbo machinder villain boxes, Bullmark Zenmai boxes, etc

Step 2 Blazer himself. Luckily a few weeks later a loose Blazer pops up. Perfect timing (karma?)
Super blurry auction fotos, very high starting price…perfect auction, argh.
Whats-a-reasonable-price-question-PM to Mr.Fraser…instant answer (thanks again Josh).
I was the only bidder and won him. Baaaang, fast job ;-)

I was a bit nervous about how the Blazer will look like. Because of the very bad auction fotos,
it was very difficult to judge how the condition will be. The seller didn’t answer my questions.
But no risk no fun … also I had a “good feeling”.

I had luck. Under a coat of dirt was a real nice Blazer. Sometimes dirt
could preserve the condition of a toy…like a bog body ;-)

Great little toy. I also love the box-art.
A very nice addition to my Blazer family and I believe not the last tin walker I would like to have.
I feel the Zenmai love!

More fotos in the BBS.
If you want to see the Bullmark Rockbat eraser-figures, tell me ;-)

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