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August 28, 2004

Washboard ABS!!

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When it comes to Clover, I think of unappreciated, “anime inaccurate” masterpieces. Go figure.

Clover toys are all about what’s great in Japanese die-cast toys from the 1970’s and 80’s. When you’re comparing a Zanbot DX Combination Program set to anything other than another Clover toy, you’re just acting idiotic. Why? Well, let me tell you: Stand and deliver, Clover RULES!

Let me introduce ABS Gundam… ABS plastic, my friends. Clover’s ABS Gundam is the answer to Popy’s “Pura Dera” (“Plastic Deluxe”) series. Compared to the DX Clover Gokin toy, the ABS lives up to its 80’s potential in a BIG way, beating Popy’s out plastic toys by a long shot. The ABS stands about 10 inches tall and is packed full of accessories. Even a full-on “ball and chain” included — even Mike Ness would be impressed.

Cause nobody makes em’ like Clover.

With Clover’s Gundam toys, things can get confusing. They DO all look the same sometimes, but not when it comes to ABS.

There are many different types of Clover Gundams. Luckily, the ABS Gundam will not be mistaken for any of his counterparts. How could you miss a 10+ inch chrome-dome, suited with a shield, ball and chain, missile loaded fists and a shoulder cannon?

ABS just screams “LOOK AT ME!!”

We’re talking a plastic toy here, so think “good times.” You have to keep in mind how much you get, as compared to a Popy “pura-dera” toy. A full styro box and cover, a ton of accessories and some straight up chrome.

The “Core Fighter”

Hell yeah! Cock rockin’! Even this “pla” incarnation of Gundam has a core fighter. Just another way of saying that Clover kicked absolute ass in the early 80’s toy game. In all honesty, it might just be the coolest core fighter next to its bretheren, the Clover diecast CoreFighter!

The Nose

I’m a known sucker for the Chokinzoku Tetsujin 28 SG-01…. Funny, this ABS Gundam and T28 share the same “nose that knows”. Who would have thought?

This toy is a shout out to the Gundam purist. MSIA collectors need not apply. Seek it out…

“These are my ABS!!”

We (Duban and I) fought over the ABS forever… Who’s going to score some ABS? I eventually won. It took years, and I still don’t have washboard abs.

Erik Sjoen
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