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August 3, 2004

A Myth Reborn

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 1:06 pm

I remember having the Aquarius Camus saint action figure back in the 80’s, when the series was on TV. At that time, the figure and the armor didn’t have as much detail. The armor was still a shiny gold color and made mostly of metal. And plastic in certain areas

In 2003, Bandai introduces their new series reviving the Saint Seiya figure line called the Saint Myth Cloth series. This Aquarius is the second one in the gold saint series to be released. I ordered one from a shop in hawaii. I was actually excited to get when it came in the mail. I just ripped the package open like a kid opening a christmas present. The box itself folded in a book like manner. Which opens to reveal two sides containing the pieces. One side contains a tray insert with the main body of the figure and some armor pieces. The other side with the second tray insert containing the an extra head of Cygnus Hyoga, some armor pieces and parts for the Aquarius object. And, a cape. This is a first for me, still. I have the Leo saint. And it too came with a cape.

Taking out the figure first. I noticed it was about 5 inches tall a little larger than its predecessor. It did have a lot more detail. The face detail on both heads is close to the original on the show. The armor to has more detail and is more accurately designed to look almost exactly like the original. The armor is a gold color and made of a heavier metal. And better quality. Than its predecessor. Still a very nice piece. Unlike the 80’s version, this one has a set of different hands that are interchangeable. For a different variety of poses. Like the Camus head, the mask fits the Hyoga head too. Like on the show, when Hyoga wears the Aquarius armor. I couldn’t get over how nicely designed and detaliled the figure is. Bandai also did it in such a way that every myth cloth series figure was designed in a similar manner, making it possible for the saints in the bronze series to be able to wear the gold armor too.

I played with the figure a little. Seeing what it can do. Having to do a variety of poses. The articulation in the joints are really good. There was a good amount of it. The double hands for Camus’ Aurora Execution attack. I thought it was pretty neat to actually recreate that. Then the two open hands for Hyoga’s Hakucho-no-tsubasa pose. Like he does in the show before attacking. One thing I thought was pretty tricky was to actually have the figure posed standing and holding its head piece. It takes some patience to get it right. Like how Camus or Hyoga does it in the show, cradleing the head piece in their arm on either side. The hands have to grip the bottom of the head piece, depending on which side the figure will hold it. Visible on both Camus and the Hyoga rear view, the cape is on. This cape is part of the set. On the show, when Hyoga wears the Aquarius armor, it has no cape. I just decided to put it on. It looks better with the cape on. This new figure is a very welcome addition to my collection. ANd the best one. I have it on my shelf displayed as Hyoga. Actually, becomes he the next Aquarius saint. Its not in the story, but an original idea I thought of. The style of the figure is very good. Even the armor in the form of the Aquarius object looks really good. This is not the last gold saint in my collection.

Dominic Handl
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