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February 21, 2010

Nakajima: Ready to Rumble

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 11:28 am

Bought my first Nakajima Tiger Mask Standard Size Vinyls:
Great Zebra & Mr Question

I always had an eye on these crazy looking Wrestlng guys,
but didn’t dare to start collecting them. I know why!
These japanese Luchas are pure funk and you want them all ;-)

After cleaning them with all kinds of plasic & car paint cleaners
they look very good again. I also tried a Ultra sonic Cleaner
the first time for cleaning the face, boots, hands etc.
Worked very good! Only water with a bit soap, leaving
them a few minutes in the Ultra Sonic Bath and the dirt has
gone without destroying the paint.

I already won a few other of these psychadelic wrestling guys Yahoo.
The good thing is that they pop up quiet often. Only getting them
complete with all “accessories” (sash, cape, boots etc) is a bit tricky
and pushes up the price for them. The Tiger Mask Bug bite me !

More stuff etc in the BBS.

cheers all

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