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March 17, 2004

Chogokin Expo 2004!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 1:38 am

It’s springtime! Time for the birds, the bees… And the CHOGOKIN EXPO 2004! And wouldn’t ya know it? Bandai’s releasing a handful of new toys to commemorate the event.

First up are two new entries in that shrunken-down series of old-school diecast love, the “THE Chogokin.” Check out the miniaturized version of the hella-difficult-to-find black Raideen and first-version GA-01 Mazinger Z. At 1,890 and 1,500 yen, respectively, they’re a good hundredth of what you’d probably have to pay to score originals.

There’ll also be a re-colored version of the GX-13 Dancougar and — somewhat improbably — a reissue of the wacky rocket-punch-firing pen sold by Popy in the 1970s. In four color variations, no less! Use it to sign the second mortgage you’ll be taking out on your house to afford the trip to Tokyo.

Although the items above will only be intially available at the show, they’ll also be available for mail-order in Japan via LaLaBit Market. But fret not if you aren’t Japan-bound in the near future: all but the pen will get a normal, Japan-wide release this summer.

CHOGOKIN EXPO 2004 will be held at LaForet Harajuku in Tokyo from April 2nd until May 5th. Admission’s 700 yen a head. According to Bandai’s website, over 400 vintage chogokin toys will be on display.

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