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November 8, 2003

Modern Vinyl Machines

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 1:16 pm

“Modern Vinyl Machines”. Right.

Of course, this is a Rumble about Machine Robo Rescue. But not about the usual Bandai Machine Robo Rescue toys, not about the transforming toys.

A couple of months ago, Bandai brought out three sets of little vinyl Machine Robo Rescue figures, each packaged in a nice tube-shaped box: the Jet Team Set, the Police Team Set, and (duh) the Drill Team Set. These represent the first (and most important) 3 MRR Teams. Each set includes the concerned team’s leader robo in both machine and robo mode, and the 4 helper robo in robo mode. Each set also includes a bad guy, basicly an egg with arms and legs (called a Garagoro).

For cheapo vinyls (1200 yen a set of 7 figures), these are quite well detailed, as this shot of the bottom of the machine mode Jet, Police, and Drill Robo shows. See the detail that they have. They even have detail that the transforming toys lack. The vinyls are well-painted and well assembled, even though the Dozer Robo seem to suffer from legs that don’t stay attached. However, this is actually an advantage, as the Dozer Robo have trouble standing; the loose legs allow you to make them bend forwards a bit, making them stand better.

Talking about the transforming toys, here’s a pic showing a comparison of the transforming toys and the vinyl figures. These guys are SMALL! Only the Garagoro are bigger than 2-3 cm.

Of course, the nicest thing about these vinyls are the great scenes one can make with them. One is the unescapable ‘Mini-Me’. The other…well…Machine Robo also have rows from time to time…

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