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January 2, 2010

Another kind of Spacer..

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Mike Parisi — erik sjoen @ 11:10 pm

Sifu Mike Parisi dropped by the TBDX west coast headquarters tonight with wonderful new years gifts in tow.


Aside from his lovely family, who are above and beyond a gift within themselves, Sifu Parisi brought some big ass guns along with him to our underground secret lair. He surprisingly laid the grand-daddy of inflatables on us, and “we” just don’t what the hell to say.. Only pictures can speak the greatness of his contribution to the vintage Japanese toy inflatable lineage.

Sorry Sanjeev. Not trying to steal your thunder here, but.. Ladies and gents, I give you “Astronave”!!” 38 inches wide..

OK.. Well as you can tell, I have an incredible love of inflatable Japanese robot character toys.. Not like you couldn’t clearly see from my “stash” (pictured above)… Yeah.. I need help. So what?!

Anyway, the “Astronave” is an actual licensed product, as we come to find. Toei Animation Dynamic Production made this behemoth a reality back in 1978.

Ah… To be a child in Rome swimming in a pool the summer of 78 right? Right??? OK, nevermind..

Thanks MP!!!


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