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October 17, 2003

Soul of Bandai!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 11:20 pm

Desperate for the newest info on upcoming Bandai releases? Dying for news about the newest THE Chogokin releases or hoping for pics of the new “Kahen Senshi” Double Zeta Gundam? Sick of wading through all the girly-girl toys and corporate jargon on Bandai’s main website? Wade no further! Bandai’s just unveiled Tamashii Web! It’s your one-stop shop for info about Bandai’s newest robot-releases, whether they be Mobile Sluts in Action or highfalutin’ Soul of Chogokin toys.

It’s also all in Japanese, but dang, ain’t those purty pictures?

Tamashii means soul in Japanese — in fact, it’s the “soul” in “Soul of Chogokin.” An appropriate name for a website specializing in the goodies that keep mecha- and monster-maniacs crawling back to Bandai again and again and again. Enjoy… And get those wallets ready!

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