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September 27, 2003

Nofka: Rare, VHTF Converters Maladroid Mercenary

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 5:00 pm

Recently, I had the good fortune to view one of the truly great Japanese toys of this, or any, era:Nofka, the well-known Maladroid mercenary.

Nofka’s design is completely original, a singularly innovative idea even in a toy line as highly regarded as the Convertors.In its eponymous Space Ship configuration, Nofka exhibits an elegant balance between the gritty functionality of a battleship and futuristic aerospace aesthetics.

Yet as imposing as the Space Ship is, Nofka’s brilliance is only fully revealed, after a few simple twists and turns, by its Battle Form.Nofka forms a robot so threatening, so terrible, that it is easy to see why so many regard this mercenary as the very embodiment of the chilling Maladroid credo, Enemy of the Earth.

I, myself, am most taken by the cunning use of the Space Ship’s aircraft carriers as the arms of the Battle Form.Have you ever seen the like?

Nofka’s diecast content is consistent with the high standards set by the Convertors line: six screws, two rivets, and two pins.

The card art is a thing of beauty, with full-color renditions of the Space Ship and Battle Form.

If only the Select company was still with us to authorize poster reproductions of these images, I’m sure the legions of Convertors fans would hungrily snap them up.The instructions, of course, are as comprehensible as any of the best toys made in Japan.

This particular Nofka appears to be the very rare custom edition.It has variant white and red paint operations skillfully applied by a master artisan to the Space Ship’s bow and flanks. In return for my services as a seller, Nofka’s owner made it available for these few photographs before lovingly returning it to temperature and humidity controlled storage.

He is willing to part with it for a price commensurate with its scarcity.

Serious inquiries only, please.

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