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September 18, 2003

Bling Bling!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 4:49 pm

(Foreward–There are certain people that I don’t want to hear any snide comments about this rumble or its subject from, you know who you are).

As everyone knows, I was (still am) big skeptic of ‘Superior Defender'(a.k.a. ‘Stuperior Defender’) Gundam. However, as much as I don’t like the idea of the show, I do have a soft spot in my heart for SD toys of all kinds (not just Gundam), so when I was out shopping the other day, I figured I’d look at the SD toys. I never liked the Musha Gundam stuff, so I passed on the toy inspired by that theme. Captain Gundam looked funny to me and while I have some interesting plans for Zero-The Winged Knight, I knew that now was not the time. Then, a glare hit me–one caused by the ‘exclusive’ ‘Burning Gundam’ and Master Gundam Set in Hyper Mode Colors. I figured that at 12.99, these worked out to $6.50 a piece and said why not. Who’dve thunk that I’d be buying something combining 2 of my pet peeves, Superior Defender AND G Gundam?

These turned out not to be half bad toys. The gold coating is well applied. Articulation is decent for fathead SD toys, and yes, there’s a waist joint–limited, but there. My only complaint is about the Master Gundam. All of the SD figures seem to have a kid-baiting ‘action feature’. On these figures it is the chest and wings opening on the Burning Gundam and the Wings extending on the Master. The Master’s wings are so top heay however that it takes a little work to get him to stand up with extended wings.

Burning Gundam comes with 2 translucent orange’Burning Finger’ hands and 2 sable holding hands, as well as…you guessed it, 2 beam sabers. Master comes with 2 open hands and 2 translucent purple ‘Dark Finger’ hands.

Thats about it. Once again, decent little figures for a decent price. These are great if you just HAVE to buy a toy (like I did). These are the only ‘canon’ SD toys out now so if they just have to continue this line, I’d like to see some more ‘real’ Mobile Suits SD-ized rather than stuff like Captain/Musha/Knight. SD Sazabi anyone?



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