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July 30, 2003

It’s a boy!!! No… It’s a toy!!!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 10:52 pm

I could have written three different rumbles about this, since technically I bought 3 different toys. But since this is only my second rumble (the first one being the one about the amazing Baltan figure I ordered from Eric Chan), I think I should keep it short. I just want to share my joy about the new addition in my collection.

In 1998 when I resumed my toy collecting habit with a Soul of Chogokin Combattler V, a gift from my god brother, I thought: Wow, this is huge!

When I got my Isis Megazord (well, at least this is how they call it in North America) last year in my local Toys ’R Us, I thought: Wow, this is impressive!

When I got my shipment of Soul of Chogokin Dancougar earlier this year, I thought: Wow, this is incredible!

But nothing can compare to this, a combined order of Senpujin, Goraijin, Tenkujin, Furaimaru and Tri Condol from Japan arrived yesterday. Even though I have heard so many hypes on the web saying how impressive Gouraijin is, the fact that I purchased a shitty U.S. version of Senpujin from a local Toys ’R Us convinced me that hypes are just… hypes. Obviously after I opened the boxes, I realized I was wrong. And since last night I have been yapping about my new toy on emails to my friends like a proud father who just got news that the doctor has delivered my newborn son… Congratulation, it’s a boy!!! Or is it a toy??

I have to admit I like Goraisenpujin more than Tenraisenpujin though, maybe the big cross just look a little too stupid. Nevertheless, I am still in awe how big the Goraisenpujin is comparing with most of my other toys, including the Dancougar I got not long ago. Yes, that is the vinyl turkey I got from the first release of Unifive Cho-shin-gokin God Phoenix. And no, this is not my entire collection…

One thing I learn through all these: Never buy any toys from Bandai U.S. again ;-). It’s better to save up and spend the money on the authentic ones from Japan. I really mean it. :-))

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